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Glamour in 2016 is Yours for the Taking!


Finally, it’s New Year’s Eve! The New Year is just hours away and that means it is time to get serious about your goals for 2016. While you are getting ready for tonight, we urge you to keep one thing in mind, being glamorous! New Year’s resolutions do not have to be profound and serious. Simply striving to feel great about yourself is a wonderful goal to have. Here at Forever Young Body Clinic we can make sure you look and feel fabulous all year long. Our services are the best in Denver and we want to show you why. From waxing all the way to lash extensions and spray tanning we can do it all. We are your one stop beauty shop. Choose only the best for 2016 by making us your home for all things glam. Do not wait any longer to start booking your appointments for 2016. You can book easily online right now! From all of us here at FYBC we wish you a very Happy New Year!

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NYE Glow!

sun tan

If you are feeling slightly bummed out due to the current freezing temperatures, we have the perfect pick me up. Transport your skin to a tropical paradise this winter! Spray tans are the best solution to get you out of your winter blues. During the cold weather months the skin tends to lose color and glow but, you can reclaim your stunning summer skin in just 20 minutes! Spray tanning is perfect if you are looking to keep your skin looking fresh, glowing and healthy this season. Do not get caught looking pale in your New Years Eve outfit! Breathe a little life back into your look with a professional spray tan. Now is the perfect time to book your spray tan appointment with us before the weekend. Do not wait any longer…we are ready to help you feel beautiful and confident.

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Fresh Face for 2016

new year

With 2016 quickly approaching, we encourage you to set some goals for the New Year. No, we are not talking about New Year’s resolutions because let’s face it, not all of us stick to our resolutions. What we mean is that you should think about some serious changes you want to make in 2016 when it comes to your well-being and your skin care. Having clear and healthy skin is not always easy. That is why getting a little extra help is sometimes necessary. Here at Forever Young Body Clinic we can help you get started tending to your skin today. That way when 2016 rings in you can start the New Year off right looking fresh faced and stunning. We offer facials that are affordable and effective. From chemical peels all the way to microdermabrasion, we can do it all. Turn to your one stop beauty shop for all your pampering needs this holiday season. Book your appointment easily online today.

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Don’t let a bad spay tan ruin your outlook on spray tanning!

spraytan denver

Getting a bad spray tan is never fun. If you have tried spray tanning more than once, it is likely that you have received a less than desirable spray tan. What makes a spray tan bad? It could be too orange. It could peel and leave your skin patchy. It could also be way too dark and give you an unnatural look. Maybe your bad spray tan was applied unevenly. The list could go on and on. The sad truth is that spray tans are more commonly bad than they are good. That is why when you find a spa that has a great formula with professionally trained staff, you have got to stick with them! We are here to let you know that we know what makes a spray tan good and bad. That is why we are so proud to offer spray tanning services that are not only professional but truly fantastic. Our formula is natural looking and will leave your skin glowing and sun kissed. We have mastered the art of spray tan application, so you never have to worry about looking uneven or streaky. Do not let a past experience with a bad spray tan ruin your future. We want to show you what it looks like when a spray tan is done right! Book your appointment with us today and see why we are the best day spa in Denver!

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Save Money by Referring a Friend!


Saving money especially around this time of year is always a good thing. We have amazing ways for you to save money on the beauty treatments that you love here at FYBC. One of the best and fastest ways to get discounts on our first class services is to refer your friends! For every friend that you refer you will earn $5.00 towards your account with us. That means if you refer 5 friends, you could get a free lash tint, bikini wax, or combine some of your other favorite treatments. It has never been so simple to get discounted beauty treatments. Now you can save your money for gifts and holiday celebrations. Get busy telling your friends about all the fabulous services we offer here at Forever Young! Spread the word and earn money toward your next service. Be sure to book your next appointment with us soon so you can spend the holidays looking fabulous.

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Who says you can’t give yourself a gift?


Christmas is a busy time of the year indeed. With all the hustle and bustle happening around you and in your life, it has never been more important to make sure that you are taking care of yourself as well as others. Although this is the gift giving time of year, make sure you give yourself a gift along with all your family and friends. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is one of confidence, luxury, and beauty. Here are Forever Young Body Clinic, we embrace those three things each and every day. Our goal is to ensure that our clients leave our spa feeling confident, pampered, and beautiful! That is why we are the best day spa in all of Denver. Christmas is almost a week away, but there is still time to schedule an appointment for a wax, lash extension application or spray tan. Do not forget about yourself this holiday season. We are here to remind you that you are totally worth it!


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Waxing is misunderstood!


We think that waxing gets a bad wrap. Although waxing is becoming more and more popular as time goes on, there are still many who fear waxing. Painful, not worth it, and inconvenient are all common misconceptions that surround waxing. We are here to let you know that choosing to get regular waxes could actually make your life better! Waxing done properly should not be painful. Yes, waxing is not exactly comfortable, but it should not be unbearable either. We are professionally trained here at FYBC. Our extensive experience allows us to ensure that waxes are done safely and as painless as possible. Waxing can replace shaving altogether and other hair removal methods. Rather than shaving every day, get one wax and you’re set for weeks! Think about it, one appointment a month can replace days and hours of hair removal at home. Regular waxes ARE totally worth it. The best part is, waxing will leave your skin feeling much more smooth than shaving ever will accomplish. Love your skin by choosing professional waxing at Forever Young Denver! Book your appointment with us soon and see why we are the best waxing studio in Denver.

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Do not let acne scars bring you down

acne scar

If you have dealt with acne in your life, there is a chance that you have some acne scars present on your face. When you do not deal with active blemishes properly, it can leave discoloration and even scars. Dealing with the aftermath of a bad breakout or even years of acne can be just as difficult as the acne itself. Do not worry though, clear smooth skin is possible with the right treatment. Although not all acne scars are reversible, skin discoloration and light scarring can be removed with chemical peels and even microdermabrasion. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are here to guide the way. Here at Forever Young we offer amazing facials designed to combat poor skin health. By exfoliating your damaged skin you allow for new and vibrant skin to come to the surface. Do not suffer with dull and discolored skin, you can make a change and it starts with skin care that works. Be sure to book your appointment with us soon so we can get started making a change in your life. We are ready to see you!

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Before you go!

holiday planning

We cannot believe that it is already that time of year, where holiday plans are being made, flights are being booked and road trips are being planned. If you are headed out of town this Christmas season, make sure you do not forget to have all your beauty treatments done before you set off for your holiday fun. No matter what you need when it comes to beauty treatments, we have got you covered. From luxurious facials all the way to professional spray tans, we can make sure that you look your absolute best before all the festivities begin. Do not get caught with dull skin, or even lashes that don’t wow this Christmas! The holidays do tend to be a busy time here at Forever Young so make sure you get your appointments booked well in advance. You can book easily online within a matter of seconds. Our no hassle online booking system makes it easy for you to choose days and times that work for you. Now is the time to get all your ducks in a row before the holiday madness ensues!

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Long Lashes, Smooth Skin and… Holiday Photos?

christmas phot

During this time of year odds are that you are taking more photos than usual. When your family gets together and memories are being made over the holiday season, everyone has their cameras out. Do not get caught being tagged in a photo on Facebook where you are looking anything less than fabulous. We have some tips for you when it comes to looking fresh and camera ready all season long.

Lashes : When you are taking photos it is important to accentuate your features a little more than usual. That is why lash extensions are perfect for this time of year in particular. Whether you are looking for a little extra eye drama or long and bold lashes, we have your answer. Finally you can stop touching up your mascara and get back to the important things like sipping your holiday drink and spending time with friends and family. You’ll be camera ready no matter what with lashes that just won’t quit.

Skin: Smooth glowing skin is the best accessory for your holiday festivities and functions. Do not get caught looking as pale as the snow this season. By getting a spray tan every two weeks or so you can keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant. That way, when you take photos your skin will speak for itself.

Confidence: There is nothing like being confident. Loving the skin you are in the best measure to take this holiday season. We want to help you look and feel your very best. Being camera shy can be a thing of the past because you have the best beauty team on your side. Here at Forever Young we can put our skills to work for you. Book your appointment online soon!