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Get waxed before your 4th of July festivities!

swimmyWe are just days away from one of the best summertime events…the 4th of July of course! It is probably true that you are making your plans for the big day by now, but have you made your wax appointment yet? No one wants to get caught sporting a bikini with unwanted hair! Do not forget to come in and get swim suit ready with a professional bikini wax! We want you to feel confident as you play, laugh, and enjoy your day in your short-shorts or your swim suit. Do not wait until it’s too late. Come in and see us today for our Happy Hour from 2pm-4pm.

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3 skin care mistakes that can cost you big time!

skin care mistakes

Taking care of your skin is essential, especially here in Colorado as our climate is quite harsh. Those of you who are constantly taking skin care measures…you are on the right track, just be sure you are not making silly mistakes that can cost you big time! Sure, your intentions are good… but be sure you really know what you are doing! Here are three common mistakes to be weary of.

1. Over-cleansing. Yes, cleaning your face is a must, but make sure you are not cleaning your face to the point where are you depleting your skin from essential oils and nutrients. If you are stripping your skin to the point where your face is drying out you are actually increasing your risk for blemishes! Usually giving your face a good clean at the end of each day is enough.

2. Starting with Face Oil. If oils are a part of your skin care regimen remember not to apply the oil first when going through your skin care routine. Oils do not allow anything else to permeate the skin, so when you apply it first you are blocking all of the other products you use from doing their job.

3. Assuming your foundation has enough SPF. It is true that most foundations these days have a degree of SPF in their formulas however, this is not enough to shield your skin from sun damage! Remember that your foundation most likely has SPF 15 or 20 in it… your face needs SPF 50! Take care of your face and use sunblock, do not just rely on our foundation.

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Spread the word and save big on your next treatment!


Here at FYBC we have an amazing referral deal that has the potential to save you big on your next treatment. Here’s the deal, you can get $5.00 toward any service here at our clinic for every person you refer to us… how great is that? So basically if you refer 3 people, you are looking at $15.00 off your next service! We take great pride in being able to offer amazing deals each day so that our clients are able to save on fantastic beauty treatments! We offer professional services each and every day and we hope that if you have never been in to see us that you make an appointment to find out what we are all about. Now is the perfect time to book your appointment online for you next wax. What are you waiting for?

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The benefits of lash tint!

lash tint


These days lash tint is growing in popularity for more reasons than one. This treatment is rather seamless and can leave you with dark and noticeable lashes. Not only is lash tint affordable but it is worthwhile, especially for those who have light eyelashes. Lash tint is also a great and a more manageable alternative to lash extensions. Although this procedure does not add significant length like extensions, it does give the illusion of longer and thicker lashes. Here at Forever Young we offer superb lash tint service each day. We can help you look your best with our professional and first class care. If you are ready to witness the wonders of a well done lash tint make your appointment online today! You will be so glad you did.

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Reverse premature aging with a chemical peel.

chem peel

No one wants to deal with the signs of aging. Wrinkles, sun spots, and dull skin are all symptoms of skin that is showing signs of age. Rather than simply dealing with premature aging, do something about it! We offer the best chemical peels around and we are ready to make sure your facial experience is fantastic. Chemical peels are great for renewing the skin and diminishing the signs of aging. If you are ready to take years off your face, turn to us. Be sure to make your appointment soon so you can spend the rest of your summer looking and feeling great!

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Summer waxing tips.


Waxing is synonymous with summer time, and because waxing is crucial in the warm months it is essential to understand some helpful hints that will keep your skin looking smooth and fabulous all summer long. First, never get a wax after heavy sunbathing! Tanning damages the outer layer of the skin making your epidermis quite sensitive. Getting a wax right after a sun session is a combinations for pain and inflammation. Another helpful hint concerning summertime waxing is to wait at least a few hours before going into a hot tub, sauna, or pool after a wax. Your hair follicles have been opened up post wax and are much more susceptible for capturing bacteria. If you are able to keep these tips in mind your skin will look that much better this season!



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Be sure to get a wax before your summer vacation!


No one wants to get caught in a swimsuit without a wax, and here at Forever Young we offer amazing waxing deals all year round. Before you set off on your summer holiday be sure to book your wax appointment with us.Whether you are looking for a simple brow wax or a full Brazilian, we do it all. Make us your one stop beauty upkeep shop! Be sure to check out our happy hour specials and stop in before your weekend celebrations kick off. Now is a great time to give us a call for more info!

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Spray tans can work wonders!

spray tan

Does the idea of getting a spray tan make you nervous? We know what you are thinking…”I don’t want look fake and orange.” If this is one of your concerns let us enlighten you. The spray tan industry has come a long way and although there are still poor tanning formulas being used out there by certain salons, we are not one of them! We use a formula that leaves your skin looking stunning and flawless, and the tanning process is quick and to the point. We want to make your your time is well spent, that is why we work efficiently. Now is the perfect time to make your spray tan appointment so you can look your best and feel as confident as ever!