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Eyelash extensions throughout time.

classic lashes

The desire for long luscious lashes is nothing new, in fact long eyelashes have been on trend for decades if not longer! From classic hollywood stars all the way to the Kardashians, lash extensions have been an iconic staple in fashion and loved by the best of them for many years now. Before strip lashes were invented, Parisians used to sew strips of hair onto their eyelids without anesthetic (ouch!) to create full and more desirable lashes. Since then we have been coming up with new and innovative ways to get our lashes to really stand out. In the 1930s strip lashes experienced a surge of popularity as salons offered lash extensions on their service menu. Although getting lash extensions was popular, color and texture of the false lashes were limited. In the 1960s the business of lash extensions really took off with new and more realistic creations becoming available. Today we are able to offer the most gorgeous and natural looking lash extensions around without the hassle of messy strip lashes. Now you can bat those long lashes with confidence. Make your appointment with us today for the look you want!

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Laying out is not the only tanning option.

laying ouy

It is no secret that too much sun can damage your skin, but what many do not know is that development of skin cancer is much more common these days. Although catching a few rays can be beneficial for your health, over-cooking your skin is a big no no! If you want your skin to remain supple, healthy, and young looking… avoid absorbing the harsh rays of the sun! Be sure to use sunblock when ever you get the chance and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Many have this notion that because they cannot layout in the sun they must stay perpetually pale, however this is simply not true! Airbrush tanning is the perfect tanning alternative to laying out as well as a celebrity beauty secret. Our tanning solution will leave your skin glowing and tan just as if you had spent a few days at the beach! Now you can have it all…healthy skin and a rocking tan! Book your appointment with us today.

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Eyebrow shaping mishaps are all too common.

bad brows


Most all of us have fallen victim to poor brow shaping at one point in our lives. Whether that means you went a bit over board when plucking, or your waxing technician left your brows looking a little sparse. Let’s face it, not all of us are professionals in the brow waxing department. Luckily we are here to make sure you don’t step out of the house looking perpetually angry because your eyebrows are arched way too high! Eyebrow waxing is an art form that takes experience to get just right. Our staff members here at Forever Young are highly trained in the latest waxing techniques. Each client is different and we are able to cater our services to meet the various needs of our customers depending on their face structure and natural brow shape. Make your brow wax appointment today…you will be so glad you did!

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Taking a moment to say… THANK YOU!


It is important to us here at Forever Young to take a moment to share our thanks and gratitude for our amazing clients. We are so incredibly passionate about what we do and it is our pleasure to be able to make such amazing connections with our fantastic customers. It is because of all of you that we are able to do what we do. As we grow as a business we are always so excited to welcome new clients! We take pride in the quality service that we are able to provide and we are thrilled to be able to make each client feel special and attended to when they are here in our clinic. Thank you for taking the time to keep up with our blog and what is going on here at Forever Young. We are looking forward to many years to come of beauty, success, and fun! Come and see us soon for all of your self-care needs!

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Memorial Day is almost here… are you waxed and ready?

patriotic woman

Memorial Day is just a few weeks away and that usually means spending time relaxing in your swimsuit basking in the warm sun. If you are not prepared to rock your bikini with confidence, turn to us! We offer amazing waxing services that will have your skin prepped and ready so you can strut your stuff around the pool without stress. Now is the perfect time to book your appointment online before the waxing rush starts to gain speed for the summer! We are ready to ensure your appointment with us is professional and pleasant. What are you waiting for? Come and see us today!

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What you should know about lash extensions.


If you are considering getting lash extensions there are a few things you should know before you commit to long and gorgeous lashes. It is important to understand that eyelash extensions do require care and maintenance. Being gentle with your extensions is key to ensure they do not fall out or break off your natural lashes. That means showering, getting ready, and even sleeping require a bit more attention when it comes to being aware of your lashes. If you are ready to have thick and voluptuous lashes now is the perfect time to make your appointment with us! The process takes about 2 hours for a full set and once you leave our clinic you will be good to go!  Choose the best lash extensions in Downtown Denver today!

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Why microdermabrasion is amazing!


Microdermabrasion is a more recent skin-care technique that is said  to have crossed over from Hollywood to the mainstream. It can be considered an “instant facelift” and serves as an effective alternative to costlier and more invasive procedures like chemical peels and and Botox injections. This facial is becoming more and more popular with men and women because of its instantaneous results. If you are looking to turn back a few years on your face, come in and try our fantastic microdermabrasion treatment! Now is the perfect time to book your appointment online. Spend this summer looking youthful and radiant with our help!

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How to properly prep for your bikini wax.


Before you show up for your first bikini wax of the summer there are a few steps you should take prior to your appointment. The most important step when getting ready for your wax is to choose an establishment that you trust. The cleanliness of your waxing studio of choice is essential and here at Forever Young we maintain extremely high standards of hygiene. Here are a few other helpful tips for your next visit with us!

  • Let hair grow out 2 to 3 weeks before going in for waxing this allows the wax to work more effectively.
  • Book your service early in the morning before your skin gets clammy from exercise or errands.
  • Stay out of the sun 24 hours before and after your waxing service.
  • Pop an aspirin or ibuprofen an hour before your appointment, this helps with the pain.
  • Let your aesthetician know of any medications you’re taking.

Now is a great time to book your appointment online to get summer ready! What are you waiting for?

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Stay on trend with glowing skin.


There is nothing better than feeling confident with the way your skin looks. Get ready for summer with a flawless spray tan here at Forever Young. A full body spray tan takes no longer than 20 minutes and you are good to go! Just be sure to show up wearing loose clothing so your tan has room to dry properly. Now is a great time to schedule your appointment online. You can have a perfect, glowing, tan without subjecting your skin to the damaging rays of the sun. Be smart and choose to get a custom airbrush tan with us!