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Get better results with a routine wax!

WaxingAre you attending a big event this summer and are hoping to look your very best? Make sure you take care of any unwanted facial hair so that you can truly shine on your big night. Waxing can be tricky because in order to have optimal results, you have to stay on a schedule. A structured waxing schedule keeps annoying hair away for longer periods of time and also keeps your skin smooth. We offer a large variety of facial waxing services from upper lip to ears! FYBC does it all! We want you to look your very best and can ensure that you will receive the best wax available in Denver! Book your appointment online today.


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Longer lashes are better!

lash_extensionsAre you unsure about lash extensions but desire longer, more full looking eyelashes? Along with giving your look an extra boost, lash extensions cut down time spent getting ready, as you will no longer need to apply mascara! With less upkeep and natural looking eyelashes, you simply cannot lose! If you are on constantly on the go, lash extensions will keep you looking well kempt now matter how crazy your day is. We have a one of a kind staff that is well trained in their areas of expertise! Experience all that this summer has to offer, all the while feeling great in your own skin! Come into the salon today and we’ll show you what great hands you will be in. Be sure to book your appointment now.

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Whatever you are looking for, we have it!

healthGraduation season is over and both Mothers and Fathers Day have passed. This means its time to celebrate you! Giving yourself the gift of relaxation never gets old and here at Forever Young Body Clinic we have a fantastic array of beauty services that will leave you feeling your best. Start with your skin! The summer sun can be harsh and often damaging to your skin! Ensure your skin maintains its beauty and overall health by stopping in for a refreshing microdermabrasion facial or chemical peel. If facials aren’t really your thing, come in for our top of the line waxing services! FYBC doesn’t just cater to woman, so you men out there that are hoping to rid themselves of unwanted body hair, there is a place for you! Visit the website today and learn more about the services we offer here! Book your appointment online now.

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Transform your look with amazing eyebrows!

browsIt’s all about the eyebrows this year! From Kim Kardashian’s perfectly shaped brows to Cara Delevingne’s slightly untamed look, its your turn to rock amazing eyebrows summer! Look your very best and feel confident in your appearance with the help of our waxing services here at Forever Young Body Clinic. We have been waxing and shaping brows for quite some time, which means we know a thing or two. Our highly trained staff will be able to whip your brows into shape in minutes. If you are new to Forever Young Body Clinic you can receive 50% off your first wax! Come into the studio and find out what we are all about. Book your appointment online today and get one-step closers to achieving the look you want!

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Wax more comfortably with FYBC!

waxAre you hoping to rid yourself of unwanted hair but are struggling to find a salon with an environment that best fits you? Forever Young Body Clinic is the best salon in Denver for a reason! We specialize in keeping you comfortable despite the beauty service. Getting a wax is never the most enjoyable experience but it is a necessary one! Our staff is extremely experienced, highly professional, trained and ready to go no matter the beauty procedure. We use quality wax and the best techniques that make the process as painless and as quick as possible. Come into the spa today and see for yourself! If you are a first time client, you can receive 50% off your first waxing service! Call today or book your appointment online today.

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Join the FYBC family today!

fycAs the top waxing and facial spa in all of Denver, we truly strive to please our customers! We feel as though our customers are family and we treat them as such. Here at Forever Young Body Clinic we offer the best health and beauty services while maintaining a comfortable environment and an even more professional staff. From eyelash extensions to natural looking spray tans, FYBC has it all. Relaxation is just one click away. Visit our website for a complete list of all the fantastic beauty treatments waiting for you. If you have yet to see our studio or experience one of our fantastic beauty services, book your appointment online today! If it is your first time with us at FYBC, you can receive 50% off your first waxing service today. Life is too short not to feel your very best everyday. FYBC can help!

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Could a sunless tan be the look for you?

spray tanAre you looking for an effortless glow without the pain of a sunburn and the potential damage of UV rays? Forever Young Body Clinic is offering the best spray tans that are sure to leave you feeling confident about your new tan look. Health is always our top property here at FYBC, so if you are uncomfortable with sitting in the sun for hours to develop a natural tan, we are happy to offer a more fantastic alternative. Our highly skilled spray tanning professionals have loads of experience and are surely some of the best in all of Denver! Not only will you walk out feeling great about your FYBC experience but you will also have a gorgeous, natural looking spray tan. Our formula is unique to us and is designed to leave you looking natural versus orange. Book your appointment today online as our spots fill up quickly! Let us help you feel fantastic in your skin.