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How To Correct A Bad Spray Tan


A bad spray tan is unacceptable. Here at FYBC we take great pride in our spray tanning services. If you recently received a bad spray tan and are hoping for some at home remedies, read along!

The Oldest Trick In the Book

Mix lemon juice with baking soda and together these two will make a paste. Apply the mixture to you skin and let it saturate for about five minutes. After the time is up, remove the paste with a cleansing wipe. By doing this, you will be removing your tan completely. It is a smart idea to test the mixture on a small part of your skin before lathering your body. This way you can determine any skin sensitivity! If you are hoping to simply lighten your spray tan, only leave the mixture on for three minutes.

Relaxing and Effective

One of the best ways to remove a bad spray tan is rather therapeutic. Steam yourself in the shower for fifteen minutes or longer. Exfoliate as best you can, dry off well and moisturize! This little trick will leave you streak free and soft to the touch!

A Quick Fix

If your spray tan is blotchy, a quality face powder or self-tanner can help even out small areas. Use a cotton ball or Q-Tip to apply the product and blend the boarders of your skin and the spray tan. This is a great temporary fix.

Your spray tanning experience should be nothing less than amazing. Our spray tan technicians here at FYBC are skilled and experienced! Here at FYBC we offer the best spray tans in all of Denver. Our secret is our one of a kind formula. It goes on smooth and lasts for weeks, never leaving you looking orange. Book your appointment today.

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Skin Survival: Pre and Post- Halloween Costume Makeup

fybcAfter all the candy has been eaten and the last party has come to an end, shift your focus to costume makeup clean up. Although Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your makeup, it often causes skin irritation. Most costume makeup contains latex, which is designed to be on your face for only short periods of time. Costume makeup kept on any longer than Halloween night will more than likely clog pores, cause allergic reactions and even inflame your skin and eyelids. In order to keep your skin unharmed during the Halloween fun, follow these before and after care steps!

 Before Touching Your Face

Whatever you use for makeup application should be extremely clean. You should be cleaning brushes, beauty blenders and sponges frequently in generaly, but especially before applying thick, costume makeup. Next, ensure the area in which you are doing your makeup is also clean. If you haven’t identified it yet, the name of the game is CLEANLINESS! If you don’t have brush cleanser, use warm water. It is important to not cross contaminate the brushes. Rinse each brush one at a time. Once cleaned, reshape the wet bristles if need be then set them out to dry on a towel. For optimal results, clean brushes 24 hours in advance.

Face Prep and Post-Wash

Before any costume makeup is applied, gather your favorite face scrub or cleanser and remove any existing makeup. With your face scrub, exfoliate your face in a circular motion. Exfoliating will remove any dead skin cells, which will allow easier application of makeup or any prosthetics.

Once you have rinsed away any facial scrub, proceed through your normal skin routine. If you usually apply toner or moisturizer after cleansing, do not skip these steps. Since you are shocking your skin with foreign, costume makeup, keep your skincare regimen as normal as possible.

You will repeat this very same process when it comes time to remove your costume makeup.

Last But Not Least…

If you find your face breaking out or your skin highly irritated after Halloween has come and gone, visit us here at FYBC. We offer wonderful skincare services that are sure to aid your skin in it’s return to normalcy. Halloween should be a night to remember, but not because the effects remain on the surface of your skin. Give us a call today and secure your appointment before the holiday weekend is in full swing.

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Your Greatest Accessory This Halloween is Your Skin

fybc1As Halloween approaches you have probably started planning out your costume. If not, there is still time to come up with a genius idea. In the mean time, be sure to book your spray tan appointment with us for the holiday festivities. Before you get all dressed up in your festive get up, considered the positive benefits a sprat tan could have on your Halloween look. If your costume shows a bit of skin, a spray tan can really make a difference! Here at Forever Young Body Clinic we offer one of a kind, customized spray tans that provide everyone with an effortless and natural color boost. A fresh tan will not only help you look your best but it will even out your appearance by creating a consistent texture and glow. Your skin should be your greatest accessory! Achieve skin you feel confident in through the perfect spray tan. Light or dark complexion, we have just the fix for you. Rock your costume this year by feeling confident in your skin! Ensure you achieve the look you desire this holiday season by booking your appointment online today. Visit our website or give us a call!

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Why You May Be Breaking Out


1. Stress

Have you ever noticed that you break out when you are under pressure? Stress is THE largest cause of adult acne. Now that you know, you should be able to manage breakouts, right? Well, it’s a bit more complex than that. When your face breaks out, you stress. When you stress, your skin break out. Being under pressure causes your skin produces less cortisol, which stimulates your oils glands and increases production of testosterone. Both of these components together clog pores and increase oil production.

The Fix:

Set aside some time to get in the gym if thats your thing, blow off some steam and focus on YOU. It sounds corny but it is very important and is the fastest way to get your skin back under control. By releasing stress, your body can continue its normal production of hormones and therefore return to its normal state.

2. Product Choice

When it comes to putting anything on your face, you need to find out if it contains any pore clogging ingredients. For example, the base of many moisturizing lotions is mineral oil, which is great for dry skin but horrible for your pores. This means that not all lotion can be used for both your body and your face. Mineral oil along with silicon based skin care products are to be avoided.

The Fix:

All skin care products for your face should be noncomedogenic, meaning that the product is designed with the intent of NOT clogging your pores. If you are currently using noncomedogenic products and are still breaking out, make an appointment with a dermatologist as there could be other factors coming into play.

3. Hair Products

Shampoo and conditioner should never  be directly applied to your face, however it is almost impossible to avoid  contact with your face while showering. Most cleansing agents are full of silicones, sulfates and other thick moisturizing agents that clog pores and disrupt the surface of your face. The product ingredients mentioned above could be in your shampoo and condition. Check out the ingredients of your shampoo, conditioner and body wash  if you are hoping to avoid breakouts on your chest, back and hairline!

The Fix:

Keeping shower product residue away from your face, chest and back while rinsing, decreases your chances of irritating your pores. Save washing your face for last when in the shower, that way you can wash away any product you may have gotten on your face.

Struggling with any skin related issue is never easy. If you are looking for help, advice pertaining to your skin as well as what you can do to make positive changes, come into Forever Young Body Clinic. We have some of the best skin care technicians in the Denver area who are knowledgeable and capable of bettering your skin. We offer various skin care services, from simple facials to microdermabrasion. We can help! Book your appointment online today or give us a call. Remember, you are beautiful and the quality of your skin does not define you. Positive change is coming your way.

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Prepare Your Skin for the Cold


Just because the cold weather comes around does not mean that you have to suffer with dry and uncomfortable skin. As the weather gets chilly, and the Colorado dry air sets in, it is important to take extra good care of your skin to ensure your skin doesn’t dry out and start to flake. Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction.

Use minimal cleansers. Winter temperatures are a culprit for parched, irritated skin, brittle hair and a dry scalp. To combat these woes, opt for natural soaps, body washes, and shampoos that are free of synthetic surfactants.

Moisturize right before bed. Up the ante on your nighttime rituals and include hydrating serums and nourishing moisturizers as a nightly practice.

Try and avoid heat on your face, especially in the shower. By subjecting your body to hot showers often you are in turn stripping your skin’s natural and protective oils.

At all costs avoid stripping your skin of its natural oils, this will just make it dry out faster. The key is to be gentle with your skin. Here at FYBC, we offer fantastic facials. Book your next facial and reap all the benefits of smooth healthy skin now!

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A Special Treat For New Clients

fybcForever Young Body Clinic offers the best beauty services in the Denver area. From spray tans to skin care services, we have what it takes to help you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin. We are always looking to connect with and grow our client base! Our clients are our friends and we love offering quality beauty care for an affordable price. Here at FYBC we are offering half off any first time waxing service for all new clients. How great is that? We place great value in helping our customers maintain positive levels of over all health through beauty services. The gift of relaxation is the one that keeps on giving! Start your weekend feeling your best with a little TLC. If it is your first time with us here at FYBC, you can receive 50% off your first waxing service. Feel free to give us a call or book your appointment online today. For more information on our services, visit our website today. There is a little something for everyone!

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Longer Lashes Complete Every Costume

fybc.jpgRegardless of what you are dressing up as this Halloween, longer lashes almost always complete the look. Instead of buying unreliable and uncomfortable strip lashes this Halloween, consider eyelash extensions. Whether you are spending the night out on the town or simply wanting to spice up your costume, lash extension will surely do the trick. If mascara isn’t cutting it and you are committed to out doing yourself from last year, lash extensions can make a difference. The initial appointment takes about 2 hours and once your lashes have been applied they will stay on for 2 weeks. Not only will lash extensions give you a natural, flawless look but you wont need to worry about them lasting you throughout the night. This Halloween should be carefree and fun, and FYBC can help! Halloween is much more fun when you love your look. You can steal the show with your Halloween look all while being comfortable and natural. Call or book your appointment online with us today.


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Prepare Your Skin For Halloween Make Up

fybc.jpgHalloween party after Halloween party, applying loads of make up to complete the perfect costume can take a toll on your skin. However, there is a way to make sure you can have your seasonal fun without breaking out and irritating your skin. Here are some great tips that can keep your skin healthy and looking fresh after the party ends.

Hydration Matters

Not only will hydrated skin allow for easier make up application but it will also help with any dry skin you may be experiencing this fall. The week leading up your Halloween event, your water bottle should be with you at all times. If you are sipping on water throughout the day, your skin will surely receive the benefits! With the help of a little H2O your skin will be hydrated and ready to handle whatever make up look you choose! 

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Another element crucial to the Halloween preparation process is exfoliating your skin. Before applying thick makeup to your skin, you want to get rid of any dead skin or debris on the surface of your face. If you have an exfoliant that works for you, great! If not, you can make a great exfoliant with sugar and lemon. Mix a tablespoon of sugar and an entire lemon (juice) and apply it to your face for 5 minutes. Scrub the mix off with warm water! 

A FYBC Facial

If you go all out when you dress up for Halloween, you may be in need of a professional facial. We offer some the best facials in the Denver area that are sure to take your skin from drab to fab in minutes. If you want your skin to feel and look amazing this Halloween season, book an appointment with us today. There is nothing a FYBC facial cant fix. Halloween is one of the greatest times of the year so enjoy yourself and radiant skin. Starting preparing now!