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There is always time to treat yourself!


It seems like there are always things to do! Between work, going to school, or taking care of the kids there can be very little ‘you’ time. Make sure you are giving yourself the break you deserve by catching up on your beauty regimens. We cherish our relationships with our current clients, and are always excited to expand our reach! For our newest clients, we are offering 50% off all waxing services. If you are an existing client of ours, never fear because we have great specials for you as well! Refer a friend or bring one along with you to your appointment and save 5$ on your next FYBC beauty treatment. Add one more task to your to-do list, and spend some time treating yourself! Come into the salon today or book your appointment online.

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Managing your beauty regimens is easy with FYBC!

Enhance-Your-Beauty-RegimenAre you daydreaming of last month, when life was simple and easy going by the pool? It’s school time again which means you will be putting more effort into your homework and less into your tan. Although this is the vicious cycle of life, FYBC is here to tell you that your summer beauty regiments don’t need to fall by the wayside. Our flexible and adaptable schedule will allow you to get in and out in no time! Worried about studying for a test but are in desperate need of an eyelash “fluff”? Book your appointment online and one of our staff with work with you to find an ideal time. You don’t have to trade beauty for the books, you can have both! Contact us today and get your next beauty services scheduled. Life is better when you feel confident and great about yourself. Charge into another school year looking and feeling your best.

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Microdermabrasion is a great way to exfoliate!

fall skin

If the summer has left your skin a little dry and bit rough, we have a tip that will transform your skin! Microdermabrasion is a great way to eliminate any dead skin that the summer sun has left behind. Here at Forever Young Body Clinic we offer safe and effective microdermabrasion for all ages. Now is a great time to book your appointment. Fall is right around the corner, that means it is a good time to change up your look and show off your fresh skin! Whether you are heading back to school or simply want to make a change to your skin’s health, we can help. Give us a call or book your appointment online in just minutes. Why wait to feel confident?

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Making preparations for fall beauty is easy with FYBC!

8201-fall fashion_edited.630w.tnForever Young Body Clinic is Denver’s premiere waxing and facial spa! We have a one of a kind, professional and experienced staff with 30 years combined experience in the field of beauty. The fall season is rapidly approaching, which means the Colorado climate will soon be shifting drastically. Make sure your skin is prepared for the change with the help of our facials. If you are hoping to switch things up with your look this fall, our spray tan and eyelash extension services could be just the thing for you. Regardless of the vision you have for yourself this new season, FYBC can help you achieve it. Visit our site online and view our spa menu for a complete lists of the services we offer here at Forever Young Body Clinic. If you like what you say, book your appointment with us today!

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Weekend beauty tips

weekend (1)

Weekends are for fun and beauty, and we have some luxurious beauty tips that will add some spice to your life. Here are just a few of our favorites.

For brighter eyes: Look for an eye treatment with caffeine in the ingredients and keep it in the fridge this weekend. The coldness constricts blood vessels, reducing under-eye puffiness, while the caffeine detoxifies the thin skin under your eyes, breaking up the baggage. Lightly dab the cream onto your under-eye area as soon as you get out of bed Saturday and Sunday to look more awake on Monday.

For glowing skin: On Sunday night, mix a pinch of turmeric with 2 tablespoons of honey in a small cup, and apply the mask to your face and neck to stimulate blood flow, draw out toxins, lighten dark spots, and kill bacteria. Leave the mixture on your face for 15 minutes for radiant skin all week!

If you need a little extra love for your skin, book an appointment with us! We offer amazing facials, spray tans and so much more.


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Stay looking beautiful at every age.


Who says looking lovely and youthful is just for the young? We are here to challenge that by letting you in on a little secret. Maintaining a youthful look has everything to do with how you treat your skin and health and little to do with your actual age. Here at Forever Young Body Clinic we are dedicated to making sure that our clients receive the best beauty care for their specific needs. That is why we love getting to know our clients on a personal level! If keeping your skin looking fresh and young is your goal, allow us to help by making sure you get the care you need. From soothing facials all the way to regenerating peels, we can give your skin the boost it needs to stay looking supple and glowing all year long. Now is the perfect time to make an appointment online. Why wait to treat yourself and your skin right?

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Look Lash-tastic!

Longer-Eyelashes-Don’t be fooled, lash extensions require some care after getting them first put on. Keeping your lashes looking full and natural depends on the care you give them. Our lashes last for a significant amount of time if you are able and willing to come in for a “fluff” from time to time. As your natural lashes begin to fade away, it becomes essential to book your “fluff” appointment. If you stay on top of the maintenance that goes into having wonderful lash extensions, you can avoid coming in more frequently for a new full set. This means staying on top of your appointments! Just as you rebase acrylic nails to ensure they are looking their best, a “fluff” is no different! Look great and feel confident! Now is a great time to book your appointment online!

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Return to school looking fresh!



Dare we say another school year is right around the corner? We can hardly believe it! A new school year means a new look, right? Return to campus ready to go and looking fresh. With the help of our many beauty services, you can head back to classes feeling confident and excited! The summer sun may have taken a toll on your skin and left you feeling a bit worn out. Come into the salon and receive a rejuvenating facial that will restore your skin back to its springtime grandeur. Whether you are hoping for a microdermabrasion facial or a just a simple chemical peel, you will be so happy you took the time to care for yourself. Start the school year out right by feeling pampered. Book your appointment online today and come spend some time with us! Until next summer, dolls!