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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

fybcTensions run high as the holiday season begins. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the season overwhelm you. The best way to combat any unnecessary holiday stress to treat yourself, enjoy time with friends and family, and save money while doing it! This is the perfect time of year to give to others, so for every friend that you refer to us you will earn $5.00 towards your next spa service with us.

Wondering about the giving to others part? If your referral is a first time customer, they will receive 50% off any waxing service. Get busy spreading the word about all the fabulous services we offer here at Forever Young! This way you can save your money for gifts and holiday celebrations and look gorgeous doing it.

We have amazing ways for you to save money on the beauty treatments that you love here at FYBC. 5.00$ friend referrals are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Call today or visit our website only to book your appointment. If you are new to FYBC, feel free to review our FAQ page today for more information about our services and prices.

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Blemish At Home Remedies

fybc.jpgThere are so many reasons as to why your skin can break out. If you enjoyed yourself this Thanksgiving and are worried that your skin my have an adverse reaction to the sudden diet change up, here are a few ways to keep blemishes under control. If and when you have a spot that is bothering you, here are a few quick remedies can help reduce swelling, inflammation, and redness. Take control of your skin with these stellar tips.

Aspirin – This works like a charm! Simply crush up 3 tablets of uncoated aspirin and mix with a small amount of water to create a paste. With a Q-tip place the mixture on your blemish and leave it to soak in for about 10-15 minutes. You will see the paste getting hard and eventually start to dry and flake off, at this time, rinse your face. This little trick will reduce any swelling you may be having.

Tea Tree Oil – This home remedy is great if you are dealing with a blemish that is infected and irritated. Tea Tree Oil is a solution that should work for you! Tea Tree Oil has natural antibacterial properties that will help draw out any infection. Not only will pain be alleviated, chances are the oil will speed up healing.

Ice – If you have somewhere to be and a pimple is giving you grief, ice your blemish for 15 minutes. If you can withstand the cold, feel free to ice longer! This will reduce swelling and redness so you can get on with your life without stressing over an unsightly blemish. It is a quick way to alleviate any swelling or redness you may be experiencing.

If you love these quick tips but are still in need of some professional skin care techniques, we can help!  We offer the best facials in Denver and have a little something for everyone. Don’t let the days following Thanksgiving to disrupt the surface of your skin as well as the swing of life. Now is a great time to get in touch with us for an appointment. Treat your skin right with the help of our professionals here at Forever Young Body Clinic.

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The Magic Three

fybc1If some of your family flew into town early this holiday season or you are kick starting the seasonal fun sooner than usual this Thanksgiving, prepare for the hundreds of photos that are about to be taken. There is nothing worse than feeling unhappy with how you look during times where family memories are being made.

You know that the holiday season means everyone has their cameras out, so don’t get caught being tagged in a photo on Facebook where you are looking anything less than fabulous. We have some tips that can keep you looking fresh and camera ready all season long.

The Magic Three:

Skin: Smooth glowing skin is the best accessory for your holiday festivities and functions. Although loosing your natural color is just part of the winter months, that doesn’t mean you have to accept it!  Do not get caught looking as pale as the snow. A spray tan every few weeks will not only leave you looking sun kissed, but also it can reintroduce that look of vibrancy your skin exudes during the summer months.

Lashes: It is always important to accentuate your features, however it’s more important to do during the holiday season with all the impromptu photo ops. This is why lash extensions are perfect for this time of year in particular. Whether you are looking for a little extra eye drama or long and bold lashes, we have your answer. With the help of luscious, longer lashes, you will always be camera ready no matter what.

Confidence: Feeling confident in your own skin is the most important thing. Loving yourself is the best thing you can do this holiday season. We want to help you look and feel your very best, no matter the occasion. There is no need to be shy when you have the best beauty team on your side. Here at Forever Young we can put our skills to work for you. Book your appointment online soon!

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Don’t Let Your Waxing Schedule Fall Apart This Holiday Season

fyCan you believe that Thanksgiving is just a few days away? Although Thanksgiving is a wonderful time cherish your time spend with loved ones, make sure you squeeze a little you time here at FYBC. Before you head out of town for your holiday travels, do not forget to book your wax appointment! The holiday season can get hectic, that is why planning your beauty treatments in advance is always a safe bet. Consistency and waxing come together like pumpkin pie and whipped cream; you can’t have one without the other. Waxing is tricky in the sense that if you don’t stick to a prompt schedule, unwanted hair is harder to keep at bay. Stay on your waxing game and relish in the beauty of your smooth skin this holiday season. Do not let your waxing schedule fall apart because of the holiday madness. Come and see us soon for your pre-thanksgiving wax. If you are new to Forever Young, we are offering 50% off your first waxing service! Kick off your Thanksgiving holiday with us.

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Refresh Yourself Before The Holiday Madness Begins

bc.jpgA fresh spray tan or luscious lashes could transform your look this holiday season! Although this time of year brings a new level of chaos, you shouldn’t let your beauty regimens fall by the wayside amongst the party planning, holiday meal making and gift shopping. Feeling your best during the holidays truly does make a difference. You are sure to be reconnecting with family and friends, which means looking and feeling your best is important! Adding a little color back to your completion or some length to your lashes could be just the end of the year pick me up you need. Book your appointment with us today! In order to maintain your sanity, plan your beauty treatments ahead of time. Not only will this ensure you peace of mind but it will also secure your place in our busy schedule! Don’t let the holiday madness wear you down. Come and see us soon so you can put your best foot forward this season.

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Exfoliate With Your Thanksgiving Ingredients!

fybc.jpgBelieve it or not, many ingredients in your favorite Thanksgiving recipes can be used to brighten and tighten your skin. Here at FYBC we are also looking for ways to relax and spoil your skin, even when you are at home. Quality skin care isn’t just found in spas! Creativity is key. So, before preparations for Thanksgiving dinner begin, use a few ingredients to try these DIY exfoliating, holiday masks.

  • Sweet Potatoe-Cran Exfoliating Mask

How To: In a medium bowl combine and mix mashed sweet potatoes and honey. Next, slowly add in cranberries and brown sugar! Once combined, let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse your face well before application. By exfoliating in a circular motion you will help the mixture penetrate deeper layers of the skin and remove any dead skin cells

1/2 cup steamed or boiled sweet potato
3 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons fresh cranberries
1 tablespoon coarse brown sugar

  • Brown Sugar n’ Cider Exfoliating Mask

Not only does apple cider taste amazing on a cold winter day but also it has natural properties that brighten your skin by helping regulating your pH levels. The combination of oats removes any oil, dirt or building from the surface of your skin. As for the lemon and brown sugar, one brings vitamin C and enzymes into the mix and the other exfoliates!

How To: Mix the cider and oats in a bowl, a stir until there is a paste. Next, add the lemon juice and sugar. Mix well! Like the first mask, rub in a circular motion. Rise and feel refreshed!

3/4 teaspoon apple cider
3 teaspoons ground oats
3/4 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 teaspoons coarse brown sugar

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Lash Extensions Benefit Your Holiday Style

fybcLash extensions are perfect for the holiday season, especially if you are planning on attending any seasonal parties. If you have never had lash extensions, chances are you have some questions about our FYBC lash process. Here are the basics so that you can feel comfortable, prepared and excited before booking your first lash extension appointment with us.

The extension process takes about 2 hours, an hour per eye. You should be lying down, with pads placed over your lower lashes, eyes closed. Using fine tweezers, one of our technicians will dip a fake eyelash in specific adhesive and apply it one millimeter above the root of your natural lash line. It is common for clients find this process relaxing and even fall asleep!

We take into consideration that some people might be allergic to the glue. An allergic reaction to the adhesive comes in the form of redness and swelling, however this is very rare. Our eyelash experts here at FYBC are professionally trained in the lash extension application and have years of experience. You can trust us to ensure your process goes smoothly every time.

In just two hours, you will have a completely new look. Long and stunning lashes are your immediate end result. They are natural looking and very good quality. You should be able to comb through your lashes with a clean spoolie wand. The feeling of longer, thicker lashes may take a few days to get used to.

Combing your lashes with the spoolie wand to will help your lashes remain tangle free and help keep them in best condition possible. It is also important to avoid rubbing your eyes. The best part is though, there is no need to apply mascara with your lash extensions on.

If lash extensions are something you are exciting about trying, give us a call or book your appointment with us today.

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It’s The Little Things That Count


Wishing your summertime, flawless skin was still around? As the temperature continues to drop in Colorado, it is common for skin to have an adverse reaction until skin is able to acclimate. Although everyone’s skin is different and there is no one fix for all skin issues, preventing breakouts before they happen is the best way to ensure that your skin stays clean and clear all season long. Luckily, we have some tips to keep your skin looking fresh as if it were still summertime!

  • Keep the moisture on high
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Add essential oils into your moisturizer
  • Do not make any changes in products to prevent irritation

Here at FBYC we take pride in being able to ensure all of our clients receive quality information about the best ways to treat their skin. From microdermabrasion, spray tanning to chemical peels, FYBC has something for everyone. We have a wonderful and passionate staff, with a wealth of knowledge, whom you are ready to take your skin care to the next level. No matter the question, we have a solution here at FYBC. Be sure to book your appointment for a facial. For any questions, feel free to give us a call or visit our FAQ page on our website.

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What’s Different About Us?

 fybcThere is something special about Forever Young Body Clinic.  We offer spa and skin care services unlike any other in the Denver area. Our secret is our highly knowledgeable staff, whose combined 30 years experience ensures the utmost quality, no matter the beauty service. We strive to bring FYBC customers (new or old) the best service possible for the most affordable price. Setting aside a little “you” time should not break the bank, which is why we are constantly looking for ways to help our customers. Happy hour at FYBC means something a bit different. Monday through Friday, 2-4pm you can score the best beauty deals in all of Denver on spray tans, eyelash extensions, facials and even laser skin treatments. As if Happy Hour pricing weren’t great enough, we are offering a new client special. Which means, if it is your first time with us, you will receive 50% off any waxing service offered on our spa menu. Get quality of service and more bang for your buck with us here at Forever Young Body Clinic. Eager to know more about us? Head to our website to read reviews and to see our complete list of services. Book an appointment today and experience relaxation the FYBC way.