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A Pre-Vacation Must!

fybcIt’s that time of year where the winter blues start to set in. It is normal to start missing the sunshine and warm weather. So, if you are planning a last minute getaway, make sure to stop in for a wax before hitting the beach. Here at Forever Young Body Clinic, we believe waxing gets a bad wrap. Although waxing is becoming more and more popular as time goes on, there are still many who fear waxing. Painful, not worth it, and inconvenient are all common misconceptions that surround waxing. It goes without saying that Bikini and Brazilian waxes are not the must fun, however, our extensive experience ensures that waxes are done safely and as painless as possible. Not only is waxing a fast and easy alternative to shaving, you wont have to spend time each day getting rid of unwanted hair. Spend more time relaxing on the beach and less struggling to cover unwanted hair. Waxing is fast, easy and totally worth it with us here at FYBC. Call today or book your appointment online today. The best part is, waxing will leave your skin feeling much more smooth than shaving ever will accomplish.

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Long Lashes, Smooth Skin and… Holiday Photos?

christmas phot

During this time of year odds are that you are taking more photos than usual. When your family gets together and memories are being made over the holiday season, everyone has their cameras out. Do not get caught being tagged in a photo on Facebook where you are looking anything less than fabulous. We have some tips for you when it comes to looking fresh and camera ready all season long.

Lashes : When you are taking photos it is important to accentuate your features a little more than usual. That is why lash extensions are perfect for this time of year in particular. Whether you are looking for a little extra eye drama or long and bold lashes, we have your answer. Finally you can stop touching up your mascara and get back to the important things like sipping your holiday drink and spending time with friends and family. You’ll be camera ready no matter what with lashes that just won’t quit.

Skin: Smooth glowing skin is the best accessory for your holiday festivities and functions. Do not get caught looking as pale as the snow this season. By getting a spray tan every two weeks or so you can keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant. That way, when you take photos your skin will speak for itself.

Confidence: There is nothing like being confident. Loving the skin you are in the best measure to take this holiday season. We want to help you look and feel your very best. Being camera shy can be a thing of the past because you have the best beauty team on your side. Here at Forever Young we can put our skills to work for you. Book your appointment online soon!

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What’s on your summer to do list?


Even though the weather outside might not show it, summer is right around the corner. Can you believe it? We are already making summer plans, and so should you! If you are planning on booking a vacation or scheduling some quality pool time this summer, you most likely will need a wax! We can make sure that your summer waxing schedule is all ready to go. It has never been so easy so book waxing appointments. Now, with our online booking system you can make all your appointments well in advance. Get the hard work out of the way now so your summer can be fun and effortless.