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Top 5 myths about microdermabrasion!

We are revealing the top 5 myths surrounding microdermabrasion, and why they aren’t true at all. Bettering your complexion has never been so simple, and microdermabrasion is one of the best ways to achieve smooth and glowing skin. If you are considering this fantastic treatment but are unsure and a little confused, we are ready to debunk common myths about microdermabrasion.

#1. Microdermabrasion is painful.

This is completely untrue and in fact, most clients describe the treatment as relaxing. Essentially, the microdermabrasion hand piece is run over the skin with a slight scratching sensation as the procedure removes superficial skin cells.

#2 It requires significant down time.

False! This treatment can be done over your lunch break at work, that is the beauty of this fabulous treatment. Your skin may be a little pink when you head back into the office but, it is nothing too severe.

#3 At home kits have the same results.

Although at home kits may seem like a more affordable route, they are certainly not the best. Having a professional practitioner handle your skin is the best way to go. A professional will be able to administer the treatment properly; avoiding any mishaps.

#4 Facial scrubs are just as effective.

Although scrubs are wonderful, they do not achieve the same results. Microdermabrasion not only gets rid superficial skin, it also reduces fine lines, age spots and blemishes! There is really nothing like the real deal!

#5 Microdermabrasion does not work on dark skin.

This amazing procedure is for everyone! Just because you do not have fair skin does not mean that microdermabrasion will not work on you…it absolutely will.

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What makes Forever Young unique?

tan fy

Here at Forever Young, we take great pride in the quality service we provide. We understand that there are plenty of beauty establishments out there; however what makes us different is our attention to detail. Owners Courtney and Charlene along with the amazing staff, work personally with clients to ensure 100% satisfaction. To us, business is personal, and we strive to be the best we can be each and every day. We warmly welcome you to come in, and see what makes Forever Young so successful!

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Happy hour at Forever Young Body Clinic has never been better!


Happy hour does not just apply to cocktails! Here at Forever Young, we are making happy hour glamorous! Every week, from 2-4 make an appointment and get amazing prices on your favorite services. From waxing to microdermabrasion; we are offering discount prices on our fabulous services. Imagine getting a brow wax for only $15.00! Now you can head to your favorite cocktail spot looking fresh and lovely with our help. Visit our website and book your appointment online now. Do not miss out on the hottest weekly deal at Forever Young.

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It’s all about the brow!


Nothing completes a look like perfectly shaped eyebrows; however achieving the proper structure is not all that simple! That is why trusting your brows to the professionals is essential. Necessary eyebrow structure directly correlates with one’s face shape, and here at Forever Young, we have the skill and experience to make sure each customer leaves our office looking their absolute best! Our waxing process is safe, and virtually painless as a result of the quality wax we use, combined with the skill of our staff members. Transform your face this week with a professional and affordable brow wax at Forever Young Body Clinic!

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A newbie’s introduction to Brazilian waxing!


Are you a newbie to the waxing scene? If so, we are here to properly introduce you an amazing beauty regimen that has transformed the lives of millions! Waxing has countless benefits, and some might not be so obvious. Aside from leaving the skin smooth and soft for weeks on end, waxing also has the ability to minimally reduce hair growth over time…and when it comes to the bikini area, that can be a game changer! Here at Forever Young, we use Brazilian, blue, hard wax that easily attaches to the hair making the process a little less painful than many newbie’s think. Trust us, waxing is so worth it! Come in and see us soon and we will show you how simple it really is.

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Just because it’s winter does not mean your skin has to suffer.

forever young winter skin

We challenge you to combat dry and itchy skin this winter season! Rough skin is never a good look, and here in Colorado, we know that it is nearly impossible to fight dry skin. That is why we offer an amazing microdermabrasion treatment for an even better price. Keep your face bright and glowing even when mother nature attempts to dull it down. You will have all your friends trying to guess your secret! We know that when you try it once you will never let it go. Now is a great time to see what we can do for you. Book your appointment today.

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Lash extensions have never looked so natural.


Who doesn’t want long, full, eyelashes? Luckily, here at Forever Young we can make sure you walk out of our office with stunning lash extensions! Whether you already have long lashes, or not, lash extensions are great for adding length as well as fullness. We have an amazing new customer deal where a full set only costs $100.00! Be sure to take advantage of this incredible deal soon. Why wait to get the best eyelash extensions in Denver?

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Is waxing really necessary?

waxing forever young

Waxing is an amazing alternative to shaving or plucking. There is no reason to continually pluck your eyebrows or shave your legs. Waxing lasts longer, and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft for much longer than the alternatives! So many who have never experienced waxing fear the pain that comes along with it however, when waxing is done properly, the pain is very minimal! Here at Forever Young, we are professionally trained to ensure that our waxing services go as smoothly as possible. Make sure you treat your skin well this winter, keeping it smooth with our superb waxing services. Come and see us today!

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Make Forever Young in Denver your one stop beauty shop!

that is cute

It’s official, the New Year has finally arrived! As everyone is making their New Year’s resolutions, stay true to your lovely self, and maintain your beauty here at Forever Young Body Clinic. Be sure to make us your one stop beauty shop this year. From eyelash extensions to glowing spray tans, we really can do it all. Take this New Year by storm as you exude confidence with your fresh look. We are ready to meet with you soon! Come in, and see what we are all about here at Forever Young Denver.