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Embrace your natural beauty.

summer skin

The summer season is perfect for embracing your natural beauty. Going days on end without makeup and letting your wavy locks go wild is freeing! We can help you get your skin ready with a refreshing facial. We offer some seriously amazing facials that are designed to give your skin a fresh and youthful look. Summer can be a great time to allow your skin to heal and rejuvenate. Whether you are looking to have a chemical peel done or microdermabrasion we can make sure you leave our day spa feeling refreshed! Now is a great time to book your facials for the summer in advance. We look forward to helping your skin recuperate and recover from the winter damage.

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Better brows!

browsPoorly shaped brows are a huge no-no. With eyebrow shaping and waxing services like ours, there is never a reason to be unhappy with your brows. Although not all of us are professionals in the brow-waxing department, we are here to make sure you hit a night out on the town looking amazing. Whether you are hoping to correct a drastic eyebrow shape, high arches, or just hoping for minor maintenance, our technicians are highly trained and ready to help you achieve the look you want. We understand that each client is different and that it is our job is to meet the various needs of our customers. Your face structure and natural brow shape is always taken into account before we bring out the wax or tweezers. If you are new to our salon, come in and see what we are all about. We are offering 50% off your wax for all new clients! You can start fresh with a new brow look today. Book your appointment online or give us a call now.

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Look sun-kissed even before you step off the plane!

tanThere is nothing quite like achieving that perfect summer time glow. However, for some of us, getting there can be harsh and sometimes a painful experience. Before setting off on an exotic vacation, come in to FYBC and get a spray tan. With our one of a kind spray tan formula, you can establish a base even before stepping off the plane. Although Colorado receives a great deal of sunlight throughout the year, there it does not rival the strength of sun further south! Subjecting your skin to harsher rays without a base will only increase your changes of burning! Even if you are someone who tans and never burns, a spray tan can give you that extra “umph.”Our tanning professionals are experienced, accurate and some of the best in Denver. Not only will you walk out feeling great about your FYBC experience before embarking on a new summer adventure, but you will be one step closer to rocking a gorgeous tan. Call today or book your appointment online!

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Are you bikini ready?

fybcIt is summer vacation for so many graduates and students! You have worked hard all year and are definitely deserving of some quality YOU time. If you are planning on hitting the beach, you should feel confident in your body and skin! Let us help you feel ready to rock any bikini with our waxing services. Here at FYBC we offer an array of waxing services that will ensure any wanted hair is removed. Not only is waxing quick and easy but it keeps unwanted hair at bay longer than shaving. From Bikini to Brazilian, we offer quality-waxing services for a price unlike any other found in Denver. In order to help you achieve your bikini readiness, we are offering 50% off one waxing service for all our new clients. Owning your beach body and embracing a carefree attitude starts with your utmost comfortability. You can be bikini ready in a matter of 20 minutes. Why wait any longer? Book your appointment today!

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Lash extension maintenance for summer!

FYBCIf you are on constantly on the go and your summer is already chalked full of events, lash extensions will keep you looking well kept no matter how crazy your day is. If lash extensions are for you, here are a few things to consider:

  • You are going to be sweating a lot but more than usual during the summer months. Heat can affect your makeup, which in turn can affect your lash extensions. In order to combat wear and tear on your lashes, make sure your lashes are properly brushed out at least 3 times a day! Frequent lash maintenance starts with your spoolie wand. Keep it in your purse so you can maintain them no matter the time of day. Aside from being gentle, always start from the top using an outward motion when brushing. Constant attention will ensure your lashes look better, longer! If you want to go the extra mile, use sunglasses to help keep your lashes protected from the heat.
  • Summer also means tanning and lounging by the water. One thing to remember is to never fully submerging your head in water while wearing lash extensions. If you do get them wet, don’t worry. It is in your lashes’ best interest to avoid any harsh water sports. If water sports are your thing, wearing goggles is a must.
  • Contrary to what some believe, you must not apply mascara to your lash extensions and it is best to be careful when applying any make-up around your eyes.

Experience all that this summer has to offer, all while feeling great in your own skin! Enjoy wearing less make-up this summer! Come into the salon today and we’ll show you what great hands you will be in. Be sure to book your appointment now.

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Glamour Is Within Reach!


Who doesn’t want glowing skin, long lashes, and a youthful look? Here at FYBC we offer amazing beauty services all year long that have the power to transform your skin and confidence for the best. We encourage you to take your look a step beyond confident and beautiful, we want you to feel glamorous. Treat yourself to a day of beauty and relaxation. Right now is the perfect time to book an appointment with us! Spend your summer looking your best. Choose the best in Denver beauty with us! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Graduation Ready

schools out

School is just about out and that means it is time to get graduation ready. Can you believe it? As your classes come to a close and your finals wrap up, make sure you book an appointment to get beautified for all your graduation festivities! Whether you are the graduate or will be attending plenty of graduation events, we can help. We offer beauty services that are undeniably the best in Denver. From spray tans all the way to waxes, we can make sure you look your best from head to toe! Accept your well deserved diploma looking camera ready. Make memories that will last a life time with your family and friends all while batting your perfectly done lash extensions. We’ve got your back! Be sure to get your appointment booked ASAP.

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Brow Tips


Achieving the best brows is a very unique task. We are all different and that means brow maintenance is customized job. Each client that walks in our door has a unique face shape. Having brows that fit your face just right can lead to the perfect look. If you are currently ready to transform your brows, here are some tips when it comes to getting it right. Basically, we are going to address some common mistakes that many of us make!

  1.  Matching your brow color to your hair exactly
  2. Ignoring your natural arch
  3. Over-tweezing the top edge of your brows
  4. Laying the eyebrow makeup on thick
  5. Trying to match your eyebrow shapes perfectly

Be sure to avoid these simple mistakes for perfect brows. When it comes to maintain your brows be sure to book an appointment with us every few weeks to keep your eyebrows looking fierce!

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Skin Detox Waters Recipes


Keeping the body well-hydrated can be a real chore. We all know how much water we’re supposed to drink in a day, but let’s face it, water can be so boring. Since our bodies are about 60 percent water, we need to maintain fluid levels to function at an optimal level. Walking around in a dehydrated state can make us feel lethargic, irritated, and headachy. Give your water a spa treatment with these beautiful recipes!

Cucumber, Lemon, and Mint Detox Water

Citrus Cucumber Detox Water

Lemon or Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Water

Try these and watch your skin respond with a healthy and happy glow. For more spa treatments come in a see us here at Forever Young Body Clinic. We offer the best day spa treatments in all of Denver. Book your appointment soon.