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Transform your look with luscious lashes!

lashesThere is nothing more fabulous then a pair of luscious lashes. Here at Forever Young Body Clinic we think the first step in completing your summer look starts with lashes that will steal the show. Let eyelash extensions change your look for the better! If you are simply adding to the fullness of your naturally long lashes or hoping for length that can virtually stop traffic, we are just the place! Our skilled eyelash technicians offer the best services in all of Denver for a cost that goes unmatched. If you already have a full set of lashes and are in need of a refill, call in for a “fluff” and we will keep your lashes looking fresh! We take great pride in offering quality service and professional precision when dealing with the application of eyelash extensions. Treat yourself with the lashes you have always wanted by booking your appointment online now. Call us today for lashes you could fly away on!

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Protect Your Skin From the Summer Sunlight!


Although the summer sunlight gives us an effortless, natural glow, it can also cause a great deal of damage to our skin if not properly cared for. Here at Forever Young Body Clinic we want to help you maintain the health of your skin through facials and other skin services. Our microdermabrasion’s soothing and calming effect will leave you feeling refreshed, whereas our chemical peel works to detoxify your skin and improve it appearance. Since the Colorado sunlight is virtually unavoidable this time of year, make sure you are taking the proper steps to keep your skin protected and looking youthful! Keeping your skin fresh and rejuvenated is top on our list of priorities here at FYBC! Make your appointment today and learn more about the wonderful skin care we can offer you. Don’t forget to refer a friend to FYBC and receive 5$ off your next service with us!

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Are You Bikini Ready?


Hit the beach this summer feeling confident in your biking body! We offer an array of waxing services that are sure to eliminate unwanted hair, and keep it away! From Bikini to Brazilian, we offer quality waxing services for a price unlike any other found in Denver. In order to help you achieve your bikini readiness, we are offering 50% off one waxing service for all our new clients. We feel our place is to not only help you achieve the best end result, but also a waxing experience that is as pleasant as possible. Don’t compromise your comfortability on the beach this summer, come in and find the waxing service that is best for you! Book your appointment today and get one step closer to owning your beautiful beach body!



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Our lash extensions are nothing less than glamorous!


Lash extensions are always a fun idea. Whether you have a big event coming up or simply want to add a little glamour to your look, we can help! We offer the best lash extensions in Denver for many reasons. The application process is truly important when it comes to the end result. That is why we like to take our time to ensure that the extensions look as natural as possible and are glued in properly. We offer several different lengths to achieve the look you really want! Our clients love our lash extensions services because the lashes look lovely and natural. Now is a great time to book your appointment so that your lashes can turn heads.

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Summer vacation has never been so sweet!


It’s summer vacation for so many grads and students. Before you set off to an exotic location, make sure you get a spray tan in before you leave. Getting a pre-vacation spray tan is a great way to give yourself a base so you are not completely pale while adventuring in a tropical paradise. We offer the most natural looking spray tans in Denver! The formula we use will leave your skin glowing. So many spray tans leave the skin looking orange, but ours does not! Be sure to book your appointment before you wave goodbye to rainy Colorado. We are ready to make sure you look beach ready in a matter of 20 minutes. Why wait?

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Protect your precious skin!


The sun’s rays are very harsh, especially here in Colorado. We like to think of ourselves as skin enthusiasts here at FYBC because we take great pride in helping our clients treat their skin right. If you want to maintain your youthful look and keep your body as healthy as possible, wearing sunscreen is essential. Even if you are someone who tans and never burns, sunscreen has anti powers that will amaze you! As the summer progresses and the days get warm and sunny, be sure to always pack your sunscreen and a few extra layers. Choose health and happiness by protecting yourself. If you still want that summer tan, be sure to stop in for a spray tan. Spray tanning is a great alternative to tanning outdoors because it gives the same look without the sun damage. Book your spray tan now!

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Dandelions can clear up your skin?


MAJOR BEAUTY TIP ALERT – Who knew that those pesky weeds that pop up in our lawns each summer actually have some use. In fact, dandelion leaves are actually one of the most beneficial herbs around! There are many ways to consume dandelion leaves, but don’t just go pick them from your yard. Most health food stores sell fresh dandelion leaves made for consumption. When you have a breakout, this means that there is something occurring internally that needs fixing. Acne is actually a warning sign of the body that there is something wrong internally. That is where dandelion leaves come into play. These leaves have incredible detoxification properties that cleanse the body from the inside out. That means dandelion leaves have the power to clear up your skin! Get your dandelion fill by drinking it as a tea or mix the greens in to your salad, either way these leaves are pretty amazing!

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Give your mom the gift of luxury!


Mother’s Day is almost here, just a few more days now. If you have yet to get your mom a gift, no worries! We have the perfect gift idea for you. Give your deserving mother a day at our day spa. Get her pampered with a relaxing facial and then top it all off with stunning lash extensions and a spay tan. We offer so many services that your mom is sure to love and appreciate. Give back and make sure you mom knows that she is loved by giving her a gift she will never forget. Do not wait to book her appointment for her online!

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What makes our waxing service the best?


We know that there are so many places to get waxed in Denver. We also know that there is no place like Forever Young. We are the best waxing spa in Denver for good reason. Not only are our staff members professionally trained, but we are all extremely experienced! We love what we do, and it shows. When you book a wax at FYBC you are choosing quality and professionalism. Our spa is trendy, clean, and welcoming because it really is all about our clients. We know that getting a wax is never fun, however we make the experience pleasant. We use quality wax and our technique allows for the process to be as painless as possible. Come and see what separates our waxing services from the rest. Now is a great time to book your appointment online for a time that works with your busy schedule. We look forward to meeting you soon!