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A Must Try Beauty Treatment for the Weekend!


It’s Thursday, which means we are almost to the weekend! We understand how long and grueling the weekdays can be so we are here to give you something fun to look forward to. Here at FYBC we believe that weekends are for fun and beauty, and we have a beauty tip that will add flavor to your life. It is easy to attain a wonderful glow in the summer months, however what happens when your natural bronze fades? We recommended finding a skin and under eye treatment that contains caffeine in the ingredients. If you keep this product in the refrigerator, the coldness will constrict blood vessels, which will reduce under eye puffiness. Not only will a caffeine mixture detoxify your skin, it will also break up any baggage. Apply the cream to your under-eye over the weekend and come Monday, you will look fresh and ready to go. If you are hoping for more advance care, book an appointment with us today!

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Look No Further for the Best Men’s Skin Care in Denver!


The professional and quality skin care offered here at Forever Young Body Clinic is not exclusive to just our female clients! Here at FYBC we believe that taking care of one’s skin is important regardless of gender. Our skin care treatments are endless, however our focus remains on improving the overall health of your skin. If you are hoping for some simply TLC, we can do it! If your skin is in need of revitalization be sure to try our microdermabrasion service. Not only will your skin feel much more youthful but it will enhance your natural glow! Visit our website today and read more about the wonder skin we offer here. Caring for your skin is an important step in maintaining your overall wellbeing. Now is the perfect time to book your facial with us online! What are you waiting for?

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The Do’s and Dont’s of Lash Extensions.

fybc2Although eyelash extensions are nothing new to the beauty world but they may be new to you! Here at FYBC we believe in helping our clients get the most out their beauty treatments with us. Here are the do’s and don’t’s of eyelash extensions.


  • Refrain from any airbrush or spray tanning at least 24 hours prior to having your lash extensions applied.
  • Avoid all contact with water at least 24 hours after the application of your lashes. That means no large bodies of water, sweating, showers or steam.
  • If you are stopping in for one of our amazing skin care services after having your extensions applied, be sure to let skin care service providers know so they can use caution when using steam, acid/peels and lasers.
  • When it comes to eyeliner, use powdered, liquid or gel eyeliner. Try to avoid pencils because they tend to leave an oily residue that can run into the extensions and loosen the bond.


  • Remember, eyelash extensions are designed to make your lashes longer and thinker all on their own. This means there is no need for mascara…in fact, it will ruin your lashes.
  • Put down the eyelash curler! Not only will your curler place unwanted pressure on your lash bond, but it will also pull out your natural lashes as well.
  • Try to avoid touching your eyelash extensions. The natural oil from our skin and fingertips weakens both the glue and the bond.
  • Remember loosing a lash or two is part of the shedding process. As your natural lashes shed, so will your extensions. We will be able to correct any gaps or missing lashes when you come in for your fluff appointment!

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Eat Your Way To Healthy Skin


The truth is you are what you eat. That is why it is completely reasonable to eat your way to clear and healthy skin. If your skin is currently suffering, it may be time to consider changing up your diet. There are certain foods that have been known to trigger or contribute to acne and there are also foods that aid in clearing skin/fighting bacteria.

Chia Seeds – Chia seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Basically what this is good for is skin strengthening. It will help keep wrinkles at bay and keep your skin looking more youthful. Keep in mind though, chia seeds are not a magical answer to wrinkle free skin.

Strawberries – Eating foods high in vitamin-C are good for collagen boosting. This will keep your face looking plump and young.

Almond Butter – Almond butter is high in vitamin-E and is great for giving you a glow! If your skin is feeling and looking dull, try getting some oils back into your diet. Almond butter is a great alternative to peanut butter. It’s tasty on apples, oatmeal, or on its own.

We understand that getting clear skin can be a struggle. Do not forget to drink plenty of water and eat right. You will be surprised what these simple changes can do for your skin. Getting regular facials is a great way to care for your skin as well. We offer some amazing facials here at FYBC. Be sure to book your appointment now!

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Eyebrow Shaping Tips


brow shapingBold and shapely brows are trendy however, keeping up with the latest look isn’t all that easy. If you are in need of some brow shaping tips and tools, we have 5 amazing hacks that you are sure to use and love.

1.Don’t fight your brow’s natural shape – Yes, penciling your brows to shape them is altering their natural state a bit. What we are talking about here is, do not completely draw your brows on differently. Rather, enhance your unique shape in subtle ways.

2. When filling in your brows, stand away from the mirror. Getting some distance between you and your reflection will give you a better view of what your doing.

3.  Focus on your arch. When filling in your brows, make sure your arch gets a little extra love. That is the part that will change your look for the best.

4. Occasional tweezing. Waxing really is the best option for shaping your brows, however when re-growth happens be sure to keep your lines clean by tweezing out excess hairs.

5. Regular waxing. Waxing is a great way to shape your brows so that they are at their best. We can help you focus on getting the proper shape for your face.

We offer the best waxing in Denver! Our team is ready to wax your brows into shape. Now is a great time to book your appointment and give us a try. Strong brows are more important than you think.

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Waxing at home – Sure it’s cheaper.


Staying beautifully groomed is not always cheap that’s for certain. Think about this though, when it comes to your body, do you really want to be taking the cheap route? Sure, there are some at home ways to cut corners financially like giving yourself a manicure or even highlighting a few strands yourself…but at home waxing can go horribly wrong if done incorrectly. Here are some reasons why you should leave the bikini waxing strictly to us.

Burns – Although you may be being extra careful, waxing yourself is never a good idea. First of all, you are unable to see the entire area you are waxing…even if you are in front of a mirror. That means your placement of the wax is not going to be spot on. Because you don’t have the same vantage point as a pro would, there is room for error and burns.

Infections – Your home is not going to be as sterile as a waxing studio. If you are waxing yourself in your bathroom or anywhere in your home for that matter, you are exposing yourself to bacteria which can cause. The wax product you use can also give you infections.

Scarring – If you wax goes terribly wrong, for example you tear the skin, you could scar. This is worst case scenario, but it happens more than you may think.

In the end, leaving the waxing to the pros is a safe bet. Be kind to your body and treat it with respect. We are always professional and are ready to help you feel confident and beautiful! Now is a great time to book your next waxing session with us. Let us show you why we are the best waxing studio in Denver.


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What’s The Secret?


We are spilling a secret that you are going to want to take notice of! Have you ever wondered how celebrities and models maintain such perfectly bold brows and lashes? Well, here is the secret that is so simple it will blow your mind…tinting. That’s right, it has nothing to do with expensive makeup or perfectly applied products. Tinting is a low-maintenance and precise way to achieve flawless brows and lashes. Tinting is a pretty seamless process of applying a safe dye to the brows and lashes. It wears off every few weeks but won’t wash off in the shower, it slowly wears away. Free yourself from messy makeup and jump on the beauty bandwagon of tinting. It’s so worth it. We are sure that you’ll love it so give it a try. We offer the best brow and lash tinting in Denver. In fact. we offer a combo price of only $35.00 for your brow and lashes. You can book your appointment with us online!

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Do lingering tan lines have you down? Experience our one of a kind spray tan!


With a couple months of sunlight under our belts, tan lines should be making a strong appearance. If your tan lines are getting harder and harder to conceal, FYBC has just the thing to help! Get rid of deep and abrasive tan lines with a spray tan! Our spray tanning process is one of a kind and always custom to the individual clients needs. Our secret is our never orange formula! You have our word that you will never look orange after spray tanning with us. Whether you are tired of hiding your lines or are hoping to freshen up for an event, come into our salon today! Book your appointment online or give us a call.