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3 Wintertime Hacks For Your Skin


 The winter cold is brutal on your skin. If you are desperate to bring your skin back to life, Forever Young Body Clinic can help. Here are 3 common side effects of the weather and way to combat them

 Bloated Face

If you are experiencing abnormal puffiness in your face, it’s most likely because your body is retaining fluid. Fluid retention is the byproduct of lack of sleep and too much salt… aka the holiday season. The quick fix to any sort of puffiness is to consume green tea! A couple cups of green tea a day or dampened green tea bags to your under the eyes, will offer quick results. Not only will the caffeine tighten your skin, but you will receive wonderful antioxidants.

Dry and Flaky Skin

Flaky, dry skin feels virtually impossible to get rid of during the winter months. Fight the urge to scrub away any rough or dry patches of skin. Exfoliating your skin disrupts the protective moisture barrier of your skin’s surface. Rather than exfoliating, hydrate with creamier moisturizers that contain colloidal oatmeal or almond oil. Another way to prevent flaky skin is to limit the water temperature of your showers to lukewarm.

Chapped Lips

Applying your lip balm more than 10 times a day but your lips are still feeling dry? Too frequent application of your chap stick will make your lips drier. Try gently exfoliating your lips with a soft washcloth or sugar scrub to remove the dead skin. After exfoliating, apply a thick lip balm before heading to be. Remember; resist the urge to lick your lips! The pH of salvia is extremely acidic and will most certainly irate your skin.

Go from drab to fab with one skin care treatment. Rejuvenate and revitalize your dry winter skin with us this weekend. Book your appointment online today.


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New Year, New You

fybcThe New Year is a great time to start fresh! Now that it is a New Year, you may have some resolutions that you are committed to sticking to. A great goal for 2017 is to take better care of yourself, starting with your skin! Many of us do not give our skin the proper attention, and a fresh start could be just the motivation you need to make better skin care choices. Why not start with a facial ? We offer amazing facials here at FBYC and we are ready to make sure your experience with us is nothing but the best. Here at Forever Young Body Clinic we can help you get started tending to your skin today. That way when 2017 rings in, you can start the New Year looking fresh faced and stunning. We offer facials that are affordable and effective. From chemical peels all the way to microdermabrasion, we can do it all. Turn to your one stop beauty shop for all your pampering needs this holiday season. Book your appointment online today!

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New Year, New Skin


With the New Year well on its way, we are sure that like us, you’ve been thinking about goals for 2017. If you are contemplating your new year’s resolutions, we suggest considering adding skin care improvements to your list. Whether you are struggling with poor skin or maintaining a waxing schedule, there are always improvements that can be made! Taking the time to care for your skin is not only good for your physical health but also for your mental sanity. Here at FYBC, we know what quality skin care treatments look like. We are proud to offer the best skin care in Denver. It is our passion to ensure that our clients receive quality and professional treatments to improve their lives! When you look great, you feel great. We’d love to be a part of your plans to improve for 2017. Now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment. Have a look at our service menu!

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Have you tried our Laser Services?


If you haven’t heard, we are now offering laser treatments here at Forever Young Body Clinic! Laser treatments have become the primary option for skin care because treatments have been proven to be the most effective form of treatment. Laser is great for treating:

  • Radio Frequency Rejuvenation and Removal
  • Sun/Age Spots
  • Cherry Angiomes/Plasmia
  • Warts ~ Skin Tags
  • Sebaceous Hyper Plasma
  • Spider Veins
  • Milia

Lori Hruska administers all of the laser treatments offered here at FYBC. You can trust that you are in great hands when you are with us!

Not only are laser treatments great for the skin but also can be used for slimming the body. We use the Strawberry Laser Lipo Laser for a non-invasive, non-surgical, and pain free treatment. The FDA cleared  Strawberry Laser has successfully melted the fat and recontouried the figures of millions of patients in over 30 countries for several years. When liposuction or other surgical body contouring procedures are less desirable options, Strawberry Laser treatments can yield noticeable results after just one treatment.

If you are looking to make some improvements to your waistline and your skin, be sure to set up an appointment with us today! Start the new year off right with a gift that keeps on giving.

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Peppermint & Your Skin – Give Yourself a Gift!


Getting into the holiday spirit does not just end with decorating your tree! You can get festive with your skin care this season with peppermint oil. Clear and happy skin is possible and we have some fun tips for you to embrace this month. Here are three ways to user peppermint oil and how it can benefit your skin.

  1. Makes Your Skin Brighter – Before applying your nightly moisturizer, add a drop of peppermint oil into the night cream. Apply the moisturizer to your skin as usual. The peppermint oil will brighten up your skin and keep you glowing.
  2. Controls Acne – Peppermint oil controls excess oils and prevents clogged pores. If you are dealing with poor skin, give this essential oil a try.
  3. Facial Mask for Clear Skin – To create a mask take 2 spoons of grated cucumber and 5 ml of peppermint oil (diluted). Whisk the components together and add 2 spoons of green clay to the mixture. Use the paste as a face mask. Let it dry and wash off with warm water. It clears the skin and absorbs the excess oil.

If your skin needs a little extra love this winter, come and see us at Forever Young Body Clinic. We offer the best facials in Denver!


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Ways to fight dry, winter skin.


The winter usually takes a toll on the skin. Wind, dirt and chilling temperatures call impact the skin in negative ways. Do not worry though because we have some tips that can change the way you combat the winter weather when it comes to your skin.

  1. Cover your face. When you are out and about, be sure to keep your face covered up. Use a warm and cozy scarf to protect your face from chilling winds. This will work wonders for keeping your skin from drying out.
  2. Moisturize more. Invest in a thick moisturizer. Be sure to moisturize at least twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. Keeping a layer of moisture on your skin at all times will greatly decrease the rate at which your skin dries out.
  3. Don’t over wash. Over-washing your face can lead to extra dry skin by stripping away the moisture. Although washing your face is necessary, be sure to keep it at a minimum. Washing your face at the end of the day is the best way to go.

If your skin could use some extra love, be sure to stop in and visit us! We offer some amazing facials that are sure to leave your skin rejuvenated and replenished. Why wait any longer to improve your skin and fight off dryness?

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Exfoliate With Your Thanksgiving Ingredients!

fybc.jpgBelieve it or not, many ingredients in your favorite Thanksgiving recipes can be used to brighten and tighten your skin. Here at FYBC we are also looking for ways to relax and spoil your skin, even when you are at home. Quality skin care isn’t just found in spas! Creativity is key. So, before preparations for Thanksgiving dinner begin, use a few ingredients to try these DIY exfoliating, holiday masks.

  • Sweet Potatoe-Cran Exfoliating Mask

How To: In a medium bowl combine and mix mashed sweet potatoes and honey. Next, slowly add in cranberries and brown sugar! Once combined, let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse your face well before application. By exfoliating in a circular motion you will help the mixture penetrate deeper layers of the skin and remove any dead skin cells

1/2 cup steamed or boiled sweet potato
3 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons fresh cranberries
1 tablespoon coarse brown sugar

  • Brown Sugar n’ Cider Exfoliating Mask

Not only does apple cider taste amazing on a cold winter day but also it has natural properties that brighten your skin by helping regulating your pH levels. The combination of oats removes any oil, dirt or building from the surface of your skin. As for the lemon and brown sugar, one brings vitamin C and enzymes into the mix and the other exfoliates!

How To: Mix the cider and oats in a bowl, a stir until there is a paste. Next, add the lemon juice and sugar. Mix well! Like the first mask, rub in a circular motion. Rise and feel refreshed!

3/4 teaspoon apple cider
3 teaspoons ground oats
3/4 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 teaspoons coarse brown sugar