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The Secret To Keeping Up With Your Brows

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Bold and shapely brows remain forever trendy, yet a few of us are late to the party. If you are in need of some brow shaping tips and methods, we have a few amazing tips you are sure to use and love.

Go with your brow’s natural shape – The worst mistake you can make when penciling your brows is to draw in something that isn’t there. The key to achieving natural looking, full brows is to enhancing your brow shape in subtle ways.

When filling in your brows, stand away from the mirror– Getting some distance between and your reflection will give you a better view of what you are doing as well as how your brows look from far away. This is a great way to see if there are any gaps or discoloration.

Focus on your arch– When filling in your brows, make sure your arch gets a little extra love. That is the part of the eyebrow that will change your look for the best.

Don’t over-tweeze– Waxing really is the best option for shaping your brows, however when re-growth happens to be sure to keep your lines clean by tweezing out excess hairs.

Regular Waxing– Waxing is a great way to shape your brows so that they are at their best. We can help you focus on getting the proper shape for your face.

We offer the best waxing service in all of Denver! Our team is highly trained, experienced and ready to wax your brows into shape. Today is the day to book your appointment and give us a try. Strong brows are more important than you think.

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Rock Beautiful Brows!

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Springtime is all about starting fresh! Feel confident and ready to take on all the wonderful spring adventures with the help of our spa and beauty services. A great place to start is with your eyebrow. With eyebrow shaping and waxing services like ours, there is never a reason to be unhappy with your eyebrows. Whether you are hoping to correct a drastic shape, high arches, or just minor maintenance, our technicians are ready to help you achieve the look you want. We understand that each client is different and believe it is our job is to meet the various needs of our customers. Your face structure and natural brow shape is always taken into account before we bring out the wax! If you are new to our salon, come in and see what we are all about. We are offering 50% off your wax for all new clients! You can start fresh with a new brow look today. Book your appointment online or give us a call now. After one session with us, you will be ready for a night on the town.

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Complete Your Look With Beautiful Brows

fybcWe’ve all heard the eyebrow waxing horror stories. However, the majority of bad eyebrow experiences happen in a non-professional environment. Here a Forever Young Body Clinic, brow waxing is a simple and easy procedure, one that we get right every time. We understand that the proper eyebrow structure and shape correlates with ones facial structure. Our staff has the skills and experience to make sure each customer leaves our salon looking their absolute best! Our waxing process is safe, and virtually painless as a result of the quality wax we use, combined with the skill of our staff members. Transform your look this week with an FYBC professional and affordable brow wax! Nothing can complete your look like perfectly shaped brows. Our goal is for you to leave each appointment with us feeling confident and satisfied with your results. Brow waxing in Denver could be just what you need this holiday season to take your look from ordinary to extraordinary, so come and try us out! Book your appointment today online.

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Natural is the look for this fall

 FYBCbrowsfallThe great news is that fuller looking brows are making a come back this year, which require a great deal less maintenance than other brow stylings. Shy away from going tweezer–happy and let your brows go out a bit longer than you are perhaps used to. If your mission is a fuller brow, this doesn’t mean you stop tweezing strays when needed. The point is to keep them as natural as possible until you are ready to have them shaped up by a professional. FYBC is home to the greatest eyebrow waxing in Denver! We have passionate and talented professionals that will succeed in giving you the look you are hoping for. Today is a great day to book an appointment with us. If you are new to Forever Young Body Clinic, we are offering 50% off your first waxing special. There is no reason why your brows shouldn’t be  ready for fall. Feel free to call or make an appointment online.

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Achieving the perfect eyebrows has never been so easy!

woman-eyebrows-shape-625km100913Are your eyebrows too think, too thin, or uneven? Here at Forever Young Body Clinic we have some of Denver’s best waxing professionals on staff that will have your eyebrows shaped up in no time. Whether you are looking for help with simple eyebrow maintenance or hoping for a big change, FYBC is the place for you. We have provided professional and quality waxing services to the Denver area for quite some time now and confident that we can transform your look for the better. We believe eyebrow waxing is an art form that takes experience to master. Our staff members are highly trained in the latest waxing techniques. Call us today and book your appointment!

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A Gift He Will Never Forget!

Fathers-DayEven Dad needs a little quality relaxation! If you are struggling with how to show your appreciation for you Dad, let us at Forever Young Body Clinic help you. With Fathers Day right around the corner, it is crucial to give your deserving Dad a gift he will never forget. Forever Young Body Clinic doesn’t just cater to women, we have a large array of men’s waxing services. Whether he is looking for a soothing facial or a wax, reward his hard work with the gift of relaxation. Our spa environment is extremely welcoming and will ensure his utmost comfort no matter the service you choose! If your Dad is a first time client at FYBC, he can receive 50% off one of his waxing services. Don’t wait! Book his appointment online today!

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Weekend Beauty with Us!


We want to see you this weekend! The weekend is the perfect time to unwind and pamper yourself, so why not pay us a visit. We offer so many luxurious treatments here at FYBC. From facials all the way to professional spray tanning. We can make sure you look your very best. Allow us to put our skill and expertise to work for you. Whether you are looking for lash extensions or a wax, we really can do it all. That is why we are the best beauty day spa in Denver. Come and see what we are all about here! Now is a great time to book your appointment.