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Q&A: Common Waxing Questions

FYBC 1:18When it comes to getting waxes, it is important to have no reservations. If you have any questions about the waxing process, we are here to fill you in. Here are some commonly asked questions what we are going to give you answers to.

How can you tell if a salon is sanitary?

You’re usually on the right track if you find a center that focuses just on hair removal. From the moment you walk into the salon, it should look and smell clean. When you are in the waxing room, the wax should be used specifically for your service should be freshly made and look presentable. Everything the waxer uses during your service should be either highly sanitized or new for your service.

Why do you get itchy down there after a wax? How can you make it stop?

Some people tend to get itchy after a bikini wax because they have used a hot, synthetic wax, which irritates the skin. Find a center that uses a better wax that is more skin-friendly. Here at FYBC, we use blue hard wax that soothing to the skin.

What can you do to make it hurt less?

First, be sure to choose the right center! Second: Don’t drink alcohol beforehand. It may seem like a good idea, but you will tighten the pores, which will make the hair more difficult to remove. Lastly, stick to a strict waxing schedule. Once your hair growth is in a pattern, it will be easier to remove, but if you’re not maintaining your waxes, it could be more uncomfortable.

Now is a great time to book your next waxing appointment with us. What are you waiting for?

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The Dangers of DIY Hair Removal

FYBC 7:11.jpg

Maintaining your bikini line is just part of life. Not only is it annoying but it can be painful and tough to do. Although shaving or waxing in the comfort of your own home is cost effective, do you want to be taking the cheap route when it comes to your body?There are always ways to cut corners financially when it comes to beauty services, like giving yourself a manicure or highlighting a few strands yourself…but at home waxing can go horribly wrong if done incorrectly. If you are considering waxing your bikini area yourself this summer,  here are some reasons why you should leave it strictly to us.

Scarring – If you wax goes terribly wrong, for example, you tear the skin, you could scar. This is worst case scenario, but it happens more than you may think. Hot wax and tender skin are nothing to mess with.

Burns – Although you may have read up on the procedure and are being extra careful, waxing yourself is never a good idea. First of all, you are unable to see the entire area you are waxing…even with the help of a mirror. That means your placement of the wax is not going to be spot on. Because you don’t have the same vantage point as a professional would, there is room for error and burns.

Irritation & Infections – No matter how clean your home is, it will not be as sterile as our waxing studio. If you are waxing yourself in your bathroom or anywhere in your home for that matter, you are unintentionally exposing yourself to bacteria which can cause skin irritation and serious infection.

Leaving the waxing to our professionals is the best and safest bet. Our staff is professional and trained to help you feel confident and beautiful! If you are ready to get rid of unwanted hair in a quick and painless manner, book your next waxing session with Forever Young Body Clinic.

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Waxing Combos You Won’t Want To Miss

fybc 6:27:17

Looking and feeling your very best is always important. Here to help you feel confident in your own skin are our professional waxing services and technicians. We are pleased to offer you 5 waxing combinations that are almost too good to be true! Here at Forever Young Body Clinic we are offering a brow/lip wax for 22$, a brow and lash tint for 35$, a full leg/bikini wax for 70$, a full leg/Brazilian wax for 100$ and a full facial wax which includes the eyebrows for 26$! Aside from these amazing combos,

Here at Forever Young Body Clinic we are offering a brow/lip wax for 22$, a brow and lash tint for 35$, a full leg/bikini wax for 70$, a full leg/Brazilian wax for 100$ and a full facial wax which includes the eyebrows for 26$! Aside from these amazing combos, we offer a  variety of other waxing services, from upper lip to ears! Although a wax every now and again is great, it is not optimal for keeping unwanted hair away for long periods of time. If you are looking to maximize your waxing efforts, consider setting up a waxing schedule with our staff.  FYBC does it all! As the best day spa in Denver, you can be sure that hat you will receive the best wax in the city! Book your

 FYBC does it all! As the best day spa in Denver, you can be sure that you will receive the best wax the city has to offer. Book your appointment online today.

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Don’t Let Your Waxing Schedule Fall Apart This Holiday Season

fyCan you believe that Thanksgiving is just a few days away? Although Thanksgiving is a wonderful time cherish your time spend with loved ones, make sure you squeeze a little you time here at FYBC. Before you head out of town for your holiday travels, do not forget to book your wax appointment! The holiday season can get hectic, that is why planning your beauty treatments in advance is always a safe bet. Consistency and waxing come together like pumpkin pie and whipped cream; you can’t have one without the other. Waxing is tricky in the sense that if you don’t stick to a prompt schedule, unwanted hair is harder to keep at bay. Stay on your waxing game and relish in the beauty of your smooth skin this holiday season. Do not let your waxing schedule fall apart because of the holiday madness. Come and see us soon for your pre-thanksgiving wax. If you are new to Forever Young, we are offering 50% off your first waxing service! Kick off your Thanksgiving holiday with us.

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Are you bikini ready?

fybcIt is summer vacation for so many graduates and students! You have worked hard all year and are definitely deserving of some quality YOU time. If you are planning on hitting the beach, you should feel confident in your body and skin! Let us help you feel ready to rock any bikini with our waxing services. Here at FYBC we offer an array of waxing services that will ensure any wanted hair is removed. Not only is waxing quick and easy but it keeps unwanted hair at bay longer than shaving. From Bikini to Brazilian, we offer quality-waxing services for a price unlike any other found in Denver. In order to help you achieve your bikini readiness, we are offering 50% off one waxing service for all our new clients. Owning your beach body and embracing a carefree attitude starts with your utmost comfortability. You can be bikini ready in a matter of 20 minutes. Why wait any longer? Book your appointment today!

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Keeping Your Legs Smooth


It is almost the season to show off those amazing gams of yours. Spring is here and summer is well on it’s way. It is not too late to start prepping for warmer weather. Here are some tips to get your legs ready to show off in your favorite pair of shorts.

1.Regular Waxes – Toss your razor out. Waxing will keep your legs hairless for up to three weeks without have to maintain them. If you really want smooth and stress-free legs, waxing is your best bet.

2. Exfoliate – Investing in a quality in -shower body scrub is a wise idea. Exfoliate twice a week to keep dead skin at bay. If you really want your legs to glisten, use an exfoliant with oils in it like sesame oil.

3.Hydrate – Lotion up, and do it often. After you shower be sure to use lotion to quench your dry skin. Colorado is known for dry weather and that weather has a serious impact on your skin.

4. Protect – The sun shines bright in our beautiful state, however that means we are at risk for all the damages that come along with sun exposure. Make sure you use sunscreen to protect your legs from sun spots and pre-mature aging.

Now is a great time to book your appointment with us for a wax. See what a difference just once wax can make!

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Wedding Musts!


We all know that spring and summer are the prime seasons for weddings. Whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid, or simply a guest we want to make sure that you look your absolute best for the big day! From facials all the way to lash extensions, we can do it all. We can help make sure that your skin is glowing and your lashes are full and stunning. If you have the wedding date all set to go, now is the perfect time to book your appointment. Get everything all set up so all you have to do is show up and look fabulous. Brides, if you want your wedding party to seriously dazzle, go ahead and book appointments for all your ladies. Don’t forget about spray tans either. Get your glow on! Remember that the wedding festivities are not just for the ladies though. Grooms and guys you can come in a get facials and waxes. Get all cleaned up for the event!

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What you didn’t know about waxing!

fybcProperly caring for your skin is one of the many things we focus on here at FYBC. Whether that care comes in the form of a facial or a wax, we offer outstanding beauty care. With the colder months moving in, don’t become complacent with unwanted hair. When the fix is this simple and beneficial, you should feeling ready to show some skin no matter the season.

Say goodbye to dead skin cells

You are getting rid of more than just unwanted hair during a wax! Thousands of dead skin cells are taken with one swift pull. Theses cells are always present on the surface of your skin but should be removed frequently. Just as you rely on a pedicure or manicure to maintain the skin on your hands and feet, a wax can be a great way to rid old skin cells from the rest of your body.

Stay smooth longer

You may be finding yourself shaving twice a week to maintain a smooth surface. However, when you wax, your hair is completely uprooted, which means your skin will be smoother for much longer.

Slower hair growth

If you are someone who keeps up with a constant waxing regimen, we have some good news for you! Studies show that waxing weakens your hair roots, which over time slows the overall growth of the hair follicle. So in the next couple of years your unwanted body hair could be appear much less frequently than it once did.

It will become a routine

You once dreaded plucking our eyebrows and today, you do it effortlessly! Waxing is not any different. The first time may be uncomfortable, but only because it’s a new and unexpected process. We are sure that after your first wax here at Forever Young Body Clinic, all your apprehensions will vanish! 

If you are ready to try our waxing services, feel free to book your appointment online today. Smooth skin can be yours!

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There is nothing like a great wax!

smooth skinWaxing has always been a common services offered at salons everywhere. From eyebrows, to arms, to bikini, a professional wax is the quickest and longest lasting hair removal service out there. Over the past couple of years there has been a push to do your own waxing, however this is not the most hygienic, safe and precise way to achieve optimal results. The best waxing happens in salons like ours. Not only are our prices affordable but our staff is highly trained and professional, dedicated to your utmost comfort. Whether you are preparing for a special event or simply looking to maintain, come into the salon today. Booking your appointment online is easy and fast! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Choose full brows for fall!


It’s September, and the fall season is just about here! Fall comes with new trends and new beauty ideas to keep you looking your best. We are here to share a simple tip that can work wonders for your overall look. Changing your look dramatically is not necessary to have a fresh new energy for fall. All it really takes is some restraint with your tweezers. In fact, it is not a bad idea to toss your tweezers to the back of your beauty drawer for a few weeks. Many of us fall into the trap of over plucking our brows. Instead of going crazy and getting rid of any stray hair, let your brows grow out a bit. Once your brows have reached optimal fullness, come and visit us! We can help you shape your brows perfectly with a quick wax all while maintaining the full brow look. Trust our professionals to help you stay looking lovely all season long. Now is a great time to book your appointment with us!