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Start the School Year Looking Fresh!

fybc 8:9.jpgWhether you are ready for another school year to begin or you are dreading your return to the student life, we can hardly believe it’s right around the corner. A new season and school year means a new look, right? Step back on campus looking fresh and ready to take on a new school year. With the help of our many beauty services, you can head back to classes feeling confident and excited! The summer sun may have taken a toll on your skin and left you feeling a bit worn out. Come into the salon and receive a rejuvenating facial that will restore your skin back to its springtime grandeur. Whether you are hoping for a microdermabrasion facial or a just a simple chemical peel, you will be so happy you took the time to care for yourself. Start the school year out right by feeling pampered. Book your appointment online today and come spend some time with us!


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Clear Skin Can Be Hard Work, But We Can Help!

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The summer months can be rough if you are struggling with your skin. Days spent outside and trips to the pool are less than ideal when trying to cover a breakout. If you are looking to transform your skin and live your life all natural, we can help. For some, clear skin takes a little more effort than others. However, our skin care technicians have a plan for your skin no matter the type or issue at hand. Here at FBC we are confident in our skin care services and offer the best facials in Denver! If you are looking to revive your skin, clear up a problem area or get that fresh summer time glow, we have just the fix. If you are not worried about blemishes and are hoping for a fresh start, our chemical peels are perfect. Embrace your skin and all that this summer has to offer. We’ll make sure to answer all of your questions so that you feel comfortable and excited about your treatment. Book your appointment with us today and let’s get started on your journey towards beautiful skin.

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Ways to fight dry, winter skin.


The winter usually takes a toll on the skin. Wind, dirt and chilling temperatures call impact the skin in negative ways. Do not worry though because we have some tips that can change the way you combat the winter weather when it comes to your skin.

  1. Cover your face. When you are out and about, be sure to keep your face covered up. Use a warm and cozy scarf to protect your face from chilling winds. This will work wonders for keeping your skin from drying out.
  2. Moisturize more. Invest in a thick moisturizer. Be sure to moisturize at least twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. Keeping a layer of moisture on your skin at all times will greatly decrease the rate at which your skin dries out.
  3. Don’t over wash. Over-washing your face can lead to extra dry skin by stripping away the moisture. Although washing your face is necessary, be sure to keep it at a minimum. Washing your face at the end of the day is the best way to go.

If your skin could use some extra love, be sure to stop in and visit us! We offer some amazing facials that are sure to leave your skin rejuvenated and replenished. Why wait any longer to improve your skin and fight off dryness?

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Fight Allergy Symptoms With FYBC!


If you are amongst the lucky few immune to allergies due to the shift in seasons, cherish it! The majority of us could only hope to be so lucky. As fall is just days away, you could be experiencing swollen, itchy eyes and skin. We have great tips that can provide temporary relief and also remedy most allergies symptoms you maybe experiencing Here at FYBC we love offering tips that will leave you feeling confident and healthy in your skin!

 Water and Salt Wash

This at home remedy is a bit more involved. You will need a cup of distilled water and one teaspoon of salt. Bring this mixture to a boil on the stovetop. Once cooled, flush your eyes out two times a day. Not only is this remedy antibacterial, killing small infections but it provides a soothing affect.

Chilled Goats Milk

By chilling and soaking cotton rounds in raw goats milk, you can fight most eye infections and irritation. Goat’s milk has a natural immune boosting affect that can really come in handy as the seasons change. Try applying soaked cotton rounds to your eyes before getting ready in the morning and before bed.

 Aloe Vera Chill

Just like the goats milk, apply a chilled, aloe soaked, cotton round to your eyes. You can either individually extract aloe from the plant itself or purchase a bottle of pure organic aloe, the affect is truly the same regardless of where you are getting your aloe. Organic is a must. This Aloe Vera Chill is both moisturizing and soothing.

Rosewater Rinse

With pure rosewater, rinse with or place a couple of drops underneath your eyes various times throughout the day. Like the goats milk, you can also chill the rosewater for the same effect.

Theses home remedies are truly great. However, if you are looking for more professional, hands on treatment, book your appointment with us today. Whatever skin care you are looking for, we offer it. Our facials and skin treatments  are sure to calm any seasonal irritation you may be experiencing. Calm, fresh skin is waiting for you. Call us today.

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5 Things To Do For Your Skin This Fall

fybc.jpgIn the coming months your skin is going to be exposed to colder outdoor temperatures, high wind, low humidity and blazing indoor heat. Although avoiding the elements is virtually unavoidable, there are ways you can combat and lessen the effects of the change in weather and temperature. Our team of skin specialists are some of the best in the Denver area. We know what it takes to get you through this fall and winter looking your best. Here are some of our at home skincare secrets that will leave you feeling smooth from head to toe.

Moisturize x2

Although this seems like a given, most people don’t moisturize properly or as frequent as they should. The most important rule is to moisturize with lotion after your shower. Find another time during the day to reapply. Set yourself up to reapply multiple times a day by keep your favorite lotion by your bedside or with you at work. Finding a lotion that isn’t too thick and creamy is always a plus.

A Humidifier Works Wonders

This may be the easiest yet most important tip of them all. Not only will you see immediate affects, but you don’t have to actively do anything to get positive results! Leave your humidifier running while you are sleeping. Not only will your skin be better moisturized in the morning but you will breathe better through the night.

Ditch the Harsh Soap

Get yourself a mild soap and cleanser. One of the biggest mistakes people make when caring for their skin is how harsh they handle it. Scrubbing your face till it’s irritated is one of the worst things you could do during chillier months. Avoid products with glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Get a cleanser with oils and fats. Cleanse your face with the help of a brush for a deep cleanse but without harsh pressure.

Less Tub Time

This is our least favorite tip too. Although we all love a long bath, time spent in the tub washes away a great deal of your essential and protective oils. You need these oils as your skin gets drier. Protective oils ensure that your skin holds on to its natural moisture, for longer. Cut your bath time to 15 minutes or less for better moisturized skin.

Drink Water and Eat Better

Hydrating from the inside is an essential step. The presence of water gives your skin firmer and plumper qualities. For the best results, drink 2-4 glasses a day. As for your dietary intake, you are what you eat. If you are supplying your body with antioxidants and fatty acids, your body will not only feel healthier from the inside but will translate that positivity to your skin.

By adding these skin tips to your daily regimen, your skin can make it through the colder months looking fresh and hydrated. Support the care you are giving your skin at home with our services. One of our chemical peels, microdermabrasion or other facials can help. For an appointment, call or book online today.

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7 Facts About Microdermabrasion

fybc2.pngMicrodermabrasion is proven to be one of the most successful ways to keep signs of aging at bay. Microdermabrasion has a special way of rejuvenating the skin, leaving it youthful and fresh! Our top of the line microdermabrasion will transform your skin for the better just after one treatment. Here are some interesting facts about this particular treatment that you may want to know before trying:

  1. Microdermabrasion is not suggested for those that are suffering from eczema, dermatitis, active sunburns, lupus, herpes, weak capillaries, widespread acne, and rosacea. It is a great idea to consult with a healthcare profession before receiving a microdermabrasion treatment.
  2. Microdermabrasion is a popular choice over chemicals peels and laser treatments simply because they are more affordable and safer!
  3. One of the great things about microdermabrasion is that it increases blood flow, offering greater nutrition to your skin cells. This increases to cell production has a positive effect skin’s elasticity.
  4.  Microdermabrasion was first developed in Italy in 1985!
  5. Diminished fine line, wrinkles, and acne scars are results of microdermabrasion. However, results vary based on the individual.
  6. Refrain from an at home microdermabrasion kit. At home kits tend to be extremely harsh on skin and act more like a face scrub.
  7.  After microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells, your skin care products are 50% more likely to penetrate the surface of your skin!

Colorado weather is becoming more dry and cold. As your skin begins to become effected by the elements, our skin care services will be there to keep you feeling fresh and timeless. If you are looking to breathe some life back into your facial skin, now is a great time to try microdermabrasion! You can book your appointment online today.

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Your Skin Care Should Change With the Seasons

fybcIt is no secret that weather and climate have an affect on your skin, sometimes for the positive and sometimes for the negative. Colorado, with its dry climate, often causes the skin to react more harshly as the weather changes from hot to cold. In order to prevent any unwanted skin set backs, we are offering our clients the best skin care available in Denver. Our microdermabrasion facials and chemical peels are a great way to sooth and moisturize irritated or dry skin. Remember your favorite moisturizer may not be enough as the seasons change! Prepare your skin for the chill of fall with the help of Forever Young Body Clinic. Staffed with the top skin care professionals in all of Denver, we offer facials, peels and beauty treatments for every need and skin type. Our skin care professionals are knowledgeable and capable of providing one of a kind, custom skin care for you. If you are ready to take on the wonderful fall season, we can help. Give us a call today or book your next appointment online now. We look forward to seeing you.