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The Best Ways To Prepare Your Skin For Fall Weather

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As Denver’s best waxing and facial spa, we feel it is our job to inform our clients as best we can about all things skin and beauty! One of the largest factors of skin health is climate. With that being said, as Fall rolls in. Colorado is in for a climate shift very soon. In order to keep your skin looking as good, if not better than it did during the summer months, our professional and educated staff are here to help you prepare. With Colorado’s  dry climate, often causes the skin to react more harshly as the weather changes from hot to cold. In order to prevent any unwanted skin set backs, we are offering our clients the best skin care available in Denver. Our microdermabrasion facials and chemical peels are a great way to soothe and moisturize irritated or dry skin. Contrary to popular belief, your favorite moisturizer will not be enough as the seasons change! For better-looking skin, make sure your skin is prepared for the change with the help the help of professionals Visit our site online and view our spa menu for a complete list of the services we offer here at Forever Young Body Clinic. If you like what you say, book your appointment with us today. We look forward to seeing you.

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End the Summer With A Facial!

FYBC 15.jpgSummertime can do so much good for your complexion! Aside from the glorious tan, sunlight can leave your skin a little dry and a bit rough. If your skin is having a similar reaction to the summer season, we have a tip that will transform your skin! Microdermabrasion is a great way to eliminate any dead skin that the summer sun has left behind. Here at Forever Young Body Clinic, we offer safe and effective microdermabrasion for all ages. With lower temperatures right around the corner, take this time to freshen up your skin before fall weather sets in. Start a new season looking fresh and revitalized! Whether you are heading back to school or are working on your skin’s health, we can help. Give us a call or book your appointment online in just minutes. Why wait to feel confident when it’s only one click away.

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Clear Skin Can Be Hard Work, But We Can Help!

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The summer months can be rough if you are struggling with your skin. Days spent outside and trips to the pool are less than ideal when trying to cover a breakout. If you are looking to transform your skin and live your life all natural, we can help. For some, clear skin takes a little more effort than others. However, our skin care technicians have a plan for your skin no matter the type or issue at hand. Here at FBC we are confident in our skin care services and offer the best facials in Denver! If you are looking to revive your skin, clear up a problem area or get that fresh summer time glow, we have just the fix. If you are not worried about blemishes and are hoping for a fresh start, our chemical peels are perfect. Embrace your skin and all that this summer has to offer. We’ll make sure to answer all of your questions so that you feel comfortable and excited about your treatment. Book your appointment with us today and let’s get started on your journey towards beautiful skin.

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A Little TLC Goes A Long Way!

fybc.jpgSpring is officially here! It’s time pack away the cozy sweaters and scarfs and dig out the tank tops and flip flops. When it comes to beauty, less always seems to be more during the sunnier months. Vitamin D does wonders for the skin, which means you get to spend less time covering blemished and hiding pale skin. In order to make the most out of this spring season, focus on ensuring the health of your skin. The winter months are harsh on the skin, which means a facial may be in order to reverse the effects of the colder weather. If your goal is to rock the natural  look this summer start with a  microdermabrasion facial. The next step to achieving the natural look is to toss out the thick, pore clogging concealer and use a light, BB cream for coverage. If the natural route is a huge step out of your comfort zone, we can help. All it takes is a little TLC. Our staff is passionate, talented and will be sure to provide the care your skin needs. Take advantage of all the wonderful things the spring has to offer! Support your shift to the natural look with one of our beauty and skin care services. If you are new to the FYBC family, we are offering 50% off your first waxing service. Book your appointment online today.

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New Year, New You

fybcThe New Year is a great time to start fresh! Now that it is a New Year, you may have some resolutions that you are committed to sticking to. A great goal for 2017 is to take better care of yourself, starting with your skin! Many of us do not give our skin the proper attention, and a fresh start could be just the motivation you need to make better skin care choices. Why not start with a facial ? We offer amazing facials here at FBYC and we are ready to make sure your experience with us is nothing but the best. Here at Forever Young Body Clinic we can help you get started tending to your skin today. That way when 2017 rings in, you can start the New Year looking fresh faced and stunning. We offer facials that are affordable and effective. From chemical peels all the way to microdermabrasion, we can do it all. Turn to your one stop beauty shop for all your pampering needs this holiday season. Book your appointment online today!

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Peppermint & Your Skin – Give Yourself a Gift!


Getting into the holiday spirit does not just end with decorating your tree! You can get festive with your skin care this season with peppermint oil. Clear and happy skin is possible and we have some fun tips for you to embrace this month. Here are three ways to user peppermint oil and how it can benefit your skin.

  1. Makes Your Skin Brighter – Before applying your nightly moisturizer, add a drop of peppermint oil into the night cream. Apply the moisturizer to your skin as usual. The peppermint oil will brighten up your skin and keep you glowing.
  2. Controls Acne – Peppermint oil controls excess oils and prevents clogged pores. If you are dealing with poor skin, give this essential oil a try.
  3. Facial Mask for Clear Skin – To create a mask take 2 spoons of grated cucumber and 5 ml of peppermint oil (diluted). Whisk the components together and add 2 spoons of green clay to the mixture. Use the paste as a face mask. Let it dry and wash off with warm water. It clears the skin and absorbs the excess oil.

If your skin needs a little extra love this winter, come and see us at Forever Young Body Clinic. We offer the best facials in Denver!


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Smooth skin takes effort


If your facial skin is not exactly smooth, and you are looking to make a change, start with seeking information. It is important to understand all of your options concerning facials and how to get your youthful glow back! Here at FYBC we offer the best chemical peels in all of Denver. Chemical peels are fabulous for helping you get rid of excess skin, like the annoying dead skin cells that just won’t ever stop. Summer is a great time to step up your game when it comes to how you look and feel. Pamper yourself with a chemical peel. This facial is more than just a quick scrub, it will make a significant difference fast. With us, you are in great hands. We’ll make sure to answer all of your questions so that you feel comfortable and excited about your treatment. So go ahead, book your appointment with us and let’s get started.

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The best travel buddy


Are you making your summer vacation plans already? If you are booking flights and getting prepared for the summer to come, we suggest you add a spray tan appointment to your list! Our beauty services are perfect for getting you ready for travel. Your trip should be carefree and fun. You deserve to relax on a beach with all your worries out of sight. Getting a wax before your time away is a great idea. That way, you can leave your razor at home and focus on exploring and soaking in a little sunlight. While you’re at it be sure to book your spray tan and lash extension appointment too. We offer the best beauty services in Denver. Let us show you why.

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Step into spring skin!


Spring is almost here and we can hardly wait. We are so ready for the warm weather! However, aside from rising temps, spring also is the perfect season to show off a little more skin. If your skin has suffered this past winter and is looking a bit dull, dry or cracked we have some tips that could change all that. Here are some amazing beauty secrets that could transform your skin from winter to spring.

  1. Utilize Oils – Oils and Serums are absorbed into the skin far better and much faster than lotions and balms. That is why we are recommending the use of oils for your winter to spring skin transition. Almond oils, coconut oils, and even sesame seed oils are great for locking in moisture and keeping it in. Nourishing your skin is key.
  2. Don’t Over Wash – Do what you can not to over-wash your skin. The constant water contact will be sure to dry your skin out even more. Only wash once a day if you can help it. Nightly face washing is the best way to go.
  3. Try Scrubs – Exfoliate! This is so important for your skin. Winter is surely leaving behind flaky skin and dryness that needs to be removed. By exfoliating, you are manually removing the dead skin cells keeping your skin from looking fresh as ever.

Now is a great time to start prepping your skin for sunny days. We can help you look even better with a wax and a spray tan to complete your spring time transformation. What are you waiting for? Be sure to book your appointment with us soon.


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Return to work on Monday looking fresh!


It is almost the weekend! Whether this past week was super busy or nice and easy, we know you could use some pampering and relaxation. Now is the best time to book an appointment for a facial or spray tan. The week has a way of really wearing out the skin. With makeup, workouts, and even smog polluting the air from the city, your skin most likely needs some tender loving care. With the help of our many beauty services, you can head back to work feeling confident and excited! The harsh winter elements may have taken a toll on your skin and left you feeling a bit worn out. Come into the day spa and receive a rejuvenating facial that will restore your skin back to its springtime grandeur. Whether you are hoping for a microdermabrasion facial or a just a simple chemical peel, you will be so happy you took the time to care for yourself. Start the work week out right by feeling pampered. Book your appointment online today and come spend some time with us! Until next week, dolls!