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Dry skin prevention tips

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The weather in our beautiful state has taken a turn. The temperature has dropped and the dryness is setting in. Although we love the autumn season here at FYBC, there are some downsides to fall and winter in Colorado. Dry skin is common during this time of the year, but it does not have to be! There are steps you can take to combat flakey and withered skin. It may be a little more work, but by adding these steps into your daily routine you will see a major difference.

  1. Don’t Over Wash Your Face – Washing your face too many times in a day is going to dry your skin out extremely fast. Wash your face in the evening after a long day and use your moisturizer. In the morning, refresh your skin with a warm cloth but avoid scrubbing your face with cleanser.
  2. Use Oils in your Moisturizer – Give your moisturizer a little help by adding a few drops of pure argan oil. The oil will replenish your skin and keep your face looking supple and glowing all day long. Argan oil has intense lasting power and will keep your skin hydrated!
  1. Utilize Hydrating Masks – Once or twice a week give your skin a little love with a hydrating face mask. You can make your own using honey and plain yogurt. Leave your mask on for 15 minutes and then rinse it off. You will find that your face will look hydrated and happy!

Don’t let the chilly weather give your face a beating. Combat the Colorado dryness and look fabulous all season long.

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