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Costume ideas that will go great with a spray tan.

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As Halloween quickly approaches you have probably started planning out your costume. If not, do not fear… there is still time to come up with a genius idea. In the mean time, be sure to book your spray tan appointment with us for the holiday festivities. Here are just a few costume ideas that will look fabulous with a spray tan!

Greek Goddess


This classic look never gets old, and a spray tan really completes the look, and an airbrush finish will give you that Mediterranean glow you want!



Mermaids are always bathing in the sun and playing under waterfalls right? Well…maybe just the mermaids in Peter Pan. A spray tan will give your mermaid costume an authentic feel!

70s Babe

flower child

If you are going as a flower child this Halloween, spray tan will give you the tan and glowing skin you need to keep your costume fresh!

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